State's health-mandate miasma 1


Feb. 2, 2010


The victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts prevents Democrats from enacting a universal health-care reform bill. Something likely will be enacted. But the lack of universality means the states will continue to play a crucial role in their citizens’ health choices, especially health insurance.

One area California lawmakers should look into is health-insurance mandates, of which there are 56 in this state.… Read more

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Did car tax drive deficit? 0

Feb. 1, 2010


As negotiations get under way on the California State Budget – especially its $20 billion deficit – numerous remedies are being advanced, including tax increases. One old idea is to bring the car tax, also called the vehicle license fee, back to 2 percent of the vehicle’s value, where it stood when Gov. Schwarzenegger took office in 2003 and immediately cut the tax back to its previous level of 0.65 percent.… Read more

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Is California a "failed state"? 0

Newsweek just ran a debate, California: America’s First Failed State,” among six people. The most humorous part involved Bobby Shriver, described as “a Santa Monica city councilman, activist and brother-in-law of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Also, rich, pampered scion of America’s royal family, nephew of a president, JFK, and two U.S. senators, RFK and the late Teddy.

He says California is “a failed state” because:

In local government, where I serve, things are bad.… Read more

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No cussing? Hell yeah! 0

As if we needed more evidence as to why the latest Field Poll shows a scant 16 percent approval rating for the California State Legislature, we have ACR 112, a new bill before the Assembly that would, I kid you not, “designate the first week of March of each year as Cuss Free Week” (click here for the bill’s status and here for the text).… Read more

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Why Sen. Lou Correa voted against SB 810 6


Jan. 29, 2010


Yesterday the state Senate passed SB 810, the single payer health care bill sponsored by Senator Mark Leno (D, San Francisco) by a 22-14 vote. Today I spoke with Senator Lou Correa (D, Santa Ana), the only Democrat to vote against the bill.

At first, Correa’s staff refused to comment on why the senator voted against single-payer health care.… Read more

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Nature violates Clean Water Act 2


Jan. 27, 2010


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently issued a stop order to the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority in Southern California delaying construction of a water treatment facility to clean up contamination from the local groundwater basin because the clean water produced will be unsafe for wildlife although safe for humans to drink.… Read more

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