Another Republican Message. Or Not. 0

I attended the Sacramento County Republican Party Crab Feed this evening. The event was fun and very well attended.

There were plenty of sincere Republicans present, candidates, party regulars, young and old.

Congressman Dan Lungren spoke… for too long… and it went on… and on… a total stump speech. People kept talking because the information has been heard before. A Lungren operative went from table to table insisting that everyone cease their discussions and listen, but there was not anything new or pertinent or even relevant in what Congressman Lungren was saying.… Read more

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Fleeting hope for fiscal reform 1

Feb. 28, 2010

Anyone who thinks that gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman offers much hope for fixing the state’s structural fiscal mess should now wonder whether the billionaire former eBay executive might end up being nothing more than another Arnold Schwarzenegger —- a governor who sometimes talks a good game but who ultimately is too timid to take on the vested interests that are destroying our once golden state.… Read more

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