State's Unions Win Another Court Battle 0

The state worker furlough situation is getting curiouser and curiouser.

Yesterday Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch ruled that furloughed workers are entitled to back pay due to the furloughs, and ordered the state to “cease and desist the furlough of such employees.”

Roesch is the same judge who ruled in November in favor of California Correctional Peace Officers Association in its furlough lawsuit against Gov.… Read more

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Tough decisions 0

Heard this very interesting commentary by Sacramento Bee editorial page editor Stuart Leavenworth this morning on Capital Public Radio. Hooked to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent (and bizarre) statement that “the worst is over” as far as the state’s economic troubles are concerned, Leavenworth’s commentary strikes just the right note of skepticism.

Well, at first. After pointing out that “It could take a long time for California to pull out of this recession,” Leavenworth folds up whatever credibility he’d built in the previous three paragraphs by making the vanilla assertion that “We need state leaders who will make tough decisions.”

Duh.… Read more

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Community colleges oversell 0.7% enrollment decline 1

Feb. 26, 2010


The chancellor for California’s community colleges lamented a 0.7% decline in the system’s enrollment yesterday, reporting that more than 200,000 students will be “unfunded” — that is, enrolled beyond schools’ funded capacities — this term. This announcement came amid speculation about the way forward for the state’s community colleges, which with their peculiar missions and student populations, are overlooked in favor of the UC and CSU systems.… Read more

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Will "Going Green" Backfire? 0

With nearly every politician — from city councils to state legislators, governors  and congress – embracing green technology as the cause du jour, they don’t realize that with every bill signed, they may be actually killing the industry.

It’s kind of like reverse psychology. Politicians will kill green jobs, businesses and technology because they are ramming it down the publics’ throat, just like nationalized health care.… Read more

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6 Reps sign on to union giveaway 0

Despite new attention on excessively costly pension giveaways and on disability abuses by state employees, the Assembly is pushing forward an astounding and potentially costly benefit expansion for public safety workers in a bill co-authored by six Republicans. Current law requires the workers comp system to pay an employee for work-related injuries. Unions have secured presumptions — when certain employees get heart attacks, cancer or other common ailments it is presumed to be work related.… Read more

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