State tax receipts down sharply 9

March 31, 2010


A new study by the U.S. Census Bureau found that the tax receipts of the California state government dropped 13.9 percent. That was fifth highest of the states, with the higher states being: Alaska 41.2 percent drop in revenue, Arizona 17.9 percent, South Carolina 15.5 percent and New Mexico 14.1 percent.

It also found, “California, Arizona, and South Carolina reported the sharpest percent decline in individual income tax in 2009, decreasing 20.4 percent, 42.5 percent, and 29.6 percent from 2008 respectively.”

The big drop in income tax revenue – 20.4 percent, compared to 13.9 percent for all 50 states combined – again showed the volatility of California’s state income tax collections.… Read more

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Is Public Transit Bankrupt? 5

March 31, 2010


With the announcement this week by Sacramento Regional Transit that it is reducing bus and train service by 22 percent, it’s never too late to address the problems faced by the chronic deficit-plagued transit systems in the state.

The American Public Transportation System (APTS) reported last year that the impact of America’s economic downturn on public transit systems is widespread because of declines in real estate transactions, property tax collections and sales tax revenue.… Read more

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State violates e-waste rules 0


March 31, 2010


Despite a state Auditor’s report and a four-year-old law that prohibits consumers from throwing old and broken electronic devices into the trash, many state agencies are apparently still throwing computers, television sets, radios, printers, copiers, radios and cell phones into the trash rather than putting them through special recycling efforts, a CalWatchdog investigation shows.

Through the California Public Records Act, CalWatchdog obtained copies of all Property Survey Reports – which record in some detail the proposed disposition of state-owned property — filed by state agencies between July and December 2009.… Read more

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Amateur Carly 0

I was perusing a Web attack ad by Carly Fiorina:

Boxer and Campbell both Supported the Gas Tax
Boxer and Campbell are both Wrong for California

But at the top of the Web page — the part above where it says “File Edit View”, etc., on Windows — we read: “Barbara Boxer has Only Passed Three Bills in Her 18 Years as a Senator.”

Was this changed from a previous ad?… Read more

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Fighting Without Skin in the Game 4

Usually when two sides fight over a contentious issue, both have skin in the game. But when the government fights American citizens, it’s with bully tactics, intimidation, threats and not about the well-being of anyone.

Which is probably one of the biggest reasons that Americans and Californians are really angry about government health care… no one in Congress has to use it; Congress has its own Cadillac medical plan.… Read more

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