State mulls tough renewables law 1

JUNE 30, 2010


The dream of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and a majority of the California Legislature is to move California into a green future. Carbon-based fuels will be sharply reduced in favor of battery power, which will be recharged through renewable electricity generation, especially wind and solar power.

“The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is spurring California legislators and conflicting interest groups to settle past differences and adopt the nation’s toughest renewable energy law to reduce the state’s dependence on oil and serve as a model for other states,” reported Mark Lifsher in the Los Angeles Times.… Read more

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Big Green’s opaque funding 8

JUNE 30, 2010


In the race to pass Proposition 23, the effort to roll back California’s landmark and sweeping global warming regulations this November, some of the biggest  decisions in the race are being made in a place called the Bently Reserve. Located at 301 Battery Street in San Francisco’s Financial District, Bently Reserve’s massive, stately three-story columns support a variety of meetings, conferences and social events.… Read more

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SEIU Brings In The Heavy Hitters 0

Katy Grimes, Laura Sucheski: At the SEIU rally today, state employees made their voices heard and disappointment with the governor known.

Hey Arnold!

Looking more like a carnival than protest rally, lovely white tents housed tables where SEIU members could send emails to legislators, pick up written propaganda materials to “Make Banks Pay,” call the governor, write the governor, or “Ask Nancy.”

Tents housing a kids’ space, as well as a place to make protest signs were next to the food tents, where hot dogs and pizza were served.… Read more

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People of the Capitol: SEIU Rally 1

Katy Grimes, Laura Sucheski: SEIU protested the Governor’s cuts to state programs today. Read the story here.

Food tent shop stewards.

Ask Nancy? Pelosi?

A bubble machine creates a circus-like atmosphere.

...but where will they work?!?

No agenda here.

Do the quotes mean that "in" is ironic?

Solidarity sit-in!

SEIU Formal Wear

SEIU heavy hitters

SEIU braun going after banks

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State Employees Misuse Taxpayer Money 0

Katy Grimes: Say it isn’t so… some state employees abuse their public service jobs? I’m shocked.

The state Auditor Elaine Howle released another spate of reports on Tuesday that include some damning information.

Several state agencies were caught with employees abusing and stealing from the state. It turns out that management within the agencies knew of the abuse and misuse of taxpayer money.… Read more

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Arnold aide: AB 32 will have no effect on global warming

John Seiler:

Arnold’s beloved AB 32 is a jobs killer. Yet its imposition would have no effect on global warming, as top Arnold aide David Crane admits in the following video. That’s another reason to pass Prop. 23, which effectively would kill AB 32.

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