Lawmakers Push Backdoor Climate Change 4

JUNE 29, 2010


Just in case California’s global warming legislation is suspended in November with passage of California Jobs Initiative 2010, California’s Democratic legislators are leaving nothing to chance. They’ve been busy pushing through plenty of other climate change and green legislation through the Capitol’s backdoor.

SB 1006, currently traveling through legislative committees at the capitol, would further expand the subsidized greening of California through local governments and state agencies, by requiring the Strategic Growth Council to address climate change impacts in its” coordination role” and to “provide information” to local and regional government agencies on climate adaptation strategies.… Read more

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Prop. 23 will set you free

John Seiler:

The California Jobs Initiative, which effectively will suspend Arnold’s AB32 jobs-killer, was given a number today: Proposition 23.

So I’ve come up with a slogan:

Prop. 23
Will set you free.
Boo boo boo
To AB 32

Kind of catchy, don’t you think? I offer it to the pro-23 campaign free of charge. Anything to defeat the merciless Arnold’s merciless AB 32.… Read more

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Viva The Free Press! 1

Katy Grimes: Time spent today on an Assembly Joint Resolution to declare a free press in California seemed a little redundant given that California already declares that its press is “free.” Existing law states that a journalist cannot be held in contempt for refusing to name a source. However, federal courts are increasingly imposing severe prison sentences on journalists who decline to reveal confidential sources, as well as fines of up to $5,000 a day.… Read more

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Rush to hike health premiums 1

JUNE 28, 2010


California health-care insurers are pushing for massive premium hikes before the new federal health-care law — which increases federal- and state-government control over health insurance premiums — kicks in.

On June 16 the California Department of Insurance announced that it had ordered an independent review of non-group premium increases for California’s top four health insurers: Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield of California and Health Net.… Read more

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Small steps toward pension fix 0

Steven Greenhut: The governor’s office took issue with my last post that called his pension deal “wimpy,” but there’s no question that the past deal and new one announced today fall far short of the deep pension reductions needed to reform the system. But the governor has pledged that this is a first step toward much-needed reform. If that’s so, then great — this might be a small start in that direction.… Read more

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Study lobbies for more spending 0

JUNE 28, 2010


A report released Thursday from the left-leaning California Budget Project spells bad news for low- and middle-income Californians. The report, titled “Making Ends Meet: How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Family in California?”, finds that millions of Californians are not making enough to cover the basic family budget, an alternative to the federal poverty line that is devised by the project to more accurately assess the reality of poverty in California, which has a much higher cost of living than other states.… Read more

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