Retrospective: A state of esteem? 3

JULY 29, 2010

A CalWatchdog Retrospective: 20 years after the California Task Force to Promote Self-esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility.


California state documents do not generally fly off the shelves but 20 years ago the Golden State had a hot seller. Toward a State of Esteem was the final report of the California Task Force to Promote Self-esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility.… Read more

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Another Bee parks-story critic 0

Steven Greenhut: I’m not the only writer who sent an op-ed rebuttal to the Sacramento Bee’s overwrought park “crime wave” story (here is the follow-up editorial calling for increased park fees) and who got no response. I didn’t even get an acknowledgment from Editorial Page Editor Stuart Leavenworth to my much shortened op-ed version of this piece. Nor did Don Amador.… Read more

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First CalWatchdog Caption Contest! 0

We have been rendered speechless.

Words escape us.

Help CalWatchdog caption this photo of our colleagues, taken in the CalWatchdog newsroom today.

Add your caption ideas in the comments section, and win a gift package from CalWatchdog.

caption contest

Lance Izumi and Steve Greenhut - your caption here!

– Katy GrimesRead more

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Tax hikes up in smoke 0

Steven Greenhut: The Sacramento Bee published a fascinating story on the front page of Wednesday’s paper, “Nose dive in cigarette sales slices tax revenue,” which details  how new taxes and regulations have pushed cigarette sales to “their lowest levels in a decade.” The result, though, us  the state has lost $74 million in tax revenues, given the degree to which the state has come to depend on taxing tobacco.… Read more

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State gags rail contractors 1

JULY 29, 2010


All contractors hired by the California High-Speed Rail Authority to prepare environmental reports on the project are contractually prohibited from discussing their agreements with the media, a CalWatchdog examination of the authority’s current contracts shows.

The gag order clause appears in 10 of the 18 contracts: Parson Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas (program management), URS (Fresno-Palmdale and Los Angeles-Palmdale corridors), STV (Los Angeles-Orange County corridor), HNTB (Los Angeles-San Diego and San Francisco-San Jose corridors), AECOM (Sacramento-Fresno and Central Valley-San Francisco corridors), Parsons (San Jose-Merced corridor) and T.Y.Read more

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More furloughs, but no budget 0

JULY 29, 2010


Faced with a $19.1 billion state deficit and no acceptable budget in the works, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reinstated furloughs for state workers on Wednesday. In an executive order declaring a fiscal emergency, the governor called for state employees to take three unpaid days off a month, beginning Aug. 1.

The order came after the governor said last week that he will not sign a budget before he leaves office next January unless he gets the reforms he wants.… Read more

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