L.A. Times Exhales Prop. 19 1

John Seiler:

I thought the L.A. Times was supposed to be “progressive” and “liberal”? Actually, they’re an establishment, elitist, government-loving paper. As shown by their editorial opposing Prop. 19, which would legalize marijuana in California.

It’s the same position taken by the Chamber of Commerce, Arnold (shown toking in the picture), Meg, Jerry, Barbara, Carly, DiFi, etc. Establishment. Elitist. Government-loving.… Read more

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I Scoop the L.A. Times by Two Days 0

John Seiler:

Today’s Los Angeles Times story reports:

GOP plans attacks on the EPA and climate scientists

If Republicans win control of the House, they plan to go after the Obama administration’s environmental policies and the researchers who have offered evidence on global warming, whom they accuse of manipulating data.

Two days ago
I reported here on CalWatchDog.com:

Global-warming hearings

Rohrabacher said that, if Republicans take charge in the House, he has a good chance of becoming chairman of the House Committee on Science and Technology.… Read more

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'Surviving California' Blog 0

My friend Bob Pace has a blog called “Surviving California.” Great name. I wish I’d thought of it. It makes you think of your life as being on one of those Reality TV shows, although in this case you’re not on an island but in the most anti-business, anti-human state in the union, perhaps on the planet.

One of Bob’s blogs notes:

Inquiring minds are looking upon San Diego this morning where an article reports that a slight but constant 15 month rise in housing prices hit a wall:

San Diego County’s housing market, which led the country in price rises for 15 straight months, turned downward in August as the rest of the nation also seemed to stumble, a widely watched housing index reported Tuesday….

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Jerry's Lies on the Capital Gains Tax 0

John Seiler:

Today I got the third mailing of Jerry’s hit piece on Meg’s proposal to eliminate the state capital gains tax. It says, “Meg Whitman’s $5 billion tax giveaway…it’s not for you.”

Actually, you lying fraud, it is for me. Because if rich folks keep their investment money — on which they already have paid income taxes — then they invest it in creating jobs and businesses.… Read more

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CA Unemployment System Is Broke 4

OCT. 29, 2010


U.S. House minority leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, quipped in June of this year that the only way to solve the chronic national unemployment fund deficit in each state is to pass a bill called “H.R. 4213, The Deficit Extenders Act.”

The continuing insolvency of California’s Unemployment Insurance Benefit (UIB) Fund is not funny to those on unemployment or employers who must pay the benefits. … Read more

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