New GOP Govs. Eye Cal Biz 0

John Seiler:

The poaching of good California jobs and businesses has just begun. The new crop of GOP governors just elected across the fruited plain is looking to grab what they can from the anti-business Pyrite State. Jim Christie of Reuters reports:

“It’s a testament to California’s voters that they had the foresight to beat back the tidal wave of corporate-controlled candidates that swept much of the rest of the country,” said California Labor Federation head Art Pulaski.… Read more

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Thug Beats Thug In AG Race 0

Steven Greenhut: It’s too bad it wasn’t possible for both Kamala Harris and Steve Cooley to lose, but that’s not the way elections are set up. These two AG candidates were remarkably bad, a sign that Californians no longer have even the slightest respect for freedom and limited government. Unfortunately, the horrifically bad candidate beat the really bad candidate in this race.… Read more

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Harris Makes Major Announcement!! 0

Anthony Pignataro:

This just in: Dateline, Los Angeles: Flash! Attorney General-elect Kamala Harris has just announced that she has a bi-partisan transistion team that includes William Bratton, Warren Christopher, George Shultz and Constance Rice!


I can’t believe I just lost a half hour of my life listening in on Harris’ press conference at the Millennium Biltmore in L.A.… Read more

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Property Tax Appeals Due Today 0

Katy Grimes: With December 10th looming like a walk to the guillotine, I’m a little cranky this time of year. December 1oth is the day property taxes are due.

It’s a mixed blessing type of feeling this year – things could be worse. I have friends and family who have lost homes, or had to do short-sales.

However, it’s difficult to feel thankful when the property being assessed has dropped in value, but the assessment amount has not.… Read more

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Vows To Renew Ageless Marriage Battle 8

NOV. 30, 2010


Now that California voters on Nov. 2 put a full slate of Democrats into every statewide office on the ballot, Democrats are being encouraged by the media and opinion polls to put Prop. 8 – the anti-same sex marriage initiative – back on the ballot for possible defeat if the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals doesn’t overthrow it first in December.… Read more

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'California-care' Funding Problem 0


NOV. 30, 2010

As California prepares for  national health care legislation, the looming and potentially massive increase in Medi-Cal spending has already begun, and will most likely continue to outpace any growth in the state’s revenues.

Officially called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare” may not be immediately on the horizon, but passage of the federal legislation appears to have given California justification in expanding its own far-reaching health care system.… Read more

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