Crime Hikes Don't Cause Prison Crowds 8

DEC. 31, 2010


We have all seen the TV videos of the overcrowded conditions in California’s prisons. But, do these visuals reflect reality or are they highly managed Hollywood stage sets?

If I told you the Golden State Freeway (I-5) was congested but I didn’t tell you that closing two of the lanes all the way through Los Angeles County was politically contrived it would be pretty obvious I wasn’t telling you the whole story.… Read more

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No New Taxes! 0

John Seiler:

Californians need to be firm: No new taxes!

Because the tax wasters are cooking up tax increases right now, reports the Bee:

Gov.-elect Jerry Brown will propose a ballot measure to extend temporary tax hikes set to expire next year….

The tax package, planned for the June ballot, would extend higher vehicle, sales and income tax rates.

See how they’re framing it?… Read more

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Term Limits' Silva Lining 0

Anthony Pignataro:

Here’s something to think about as you’re getting ready to toast the New Year: Assemblyman James W. Silva, R-Huntington Beach, is considering running for the state Senate in 2012. This isn’t idle speculation: the California Secretary of State’s office reports the creation of a Silva for Senate 2012 committee, complete with ID#1334461. There are, as yet, no electronic filings, but the very fact that the committee has an ID number means it’s the real deal.… Read more

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