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Parent Trigger Wins Court Fight 0

MARCH 30, 2011 By BRIAN CALLE It is no big surprise that, in recent years, California has been far from a leader in public policy and good governance reforms. Every once and awhile there is an exception. Last year’s exception

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Court Helps Kids in Bad Schools 0

John Seiler: Here’s part of a new article in the City Journal by Larry Sand of the California Teacher Empowerment Network. Given California’s poor performance — 49th of 50 states on national tests — something has to be done. ——————————

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Financial Aid for Illegal Students OK’d

MARCH 16, 2011 By DAVE ROBERTS The Assembly Higher Education Committee approved two bills on Tuesday allowing college students who are in the state illegally to receive financial aid. Dubbed the California Dream Act, AB130 allows illegal immigrants to receive

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