Thieving Signature Gatherers 12

A new political radio ad running in Sacramento this week is claiming that paid signature gatherers are often identity thieves, convicted felons and forgers.

Usually when an ad campaign starts on radio, there is an active political campaign behind it.

However this week when I did a Google search for “Californians Against Identity Theft,” the group which claims responsibility for the ad, nothing popped up.… Read more

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FBI Checks Cop Killing in Fullerton 0

On July 5, Fullerton police beat to death an unarmed, harmless man, Kelly Thomas. The great Friends for Fullerton’s Future investigative news site has been breaking this story, and the Fullerton PD’s cover up of the six thug-cops, for weeks.

Following the formal request of Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, the FBI now is looking into this case. FFFF has the story here.… Read more

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Welfare as Wave Life: Don’t Blame it on Rio 0

As the Los Angeles Times noted last year, welfare “clients,” as the system calls them, were using their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards to spend millions in casinos and on cruise ships headed for Rio de Janeiro. All clients going out on the town this weekend should check out this notice on California’s EBT Client Website.

“The locations where you can use your EBT card to withdraw cash may have changed,” the site says.… Read more

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Redistricting commissars evade tough Q&A 2

During its press conference Friday announcing the release of redistricting maps, the Citizens Redistricting Commission evaded tough questions and refused to explain why one commissioner, Michael Ward of Fullerton, voted earlier in the day against moving all of the final maps to the public for review.

At the podium, Ward declined to explain his vote, but in a short interview with CalWatchdog afterwards said that he had explained his concerns at the appropriate time earlier in the day and was not sure about the legal ramifications of his sharing his concerns.… Read more

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Latest: Economy Crashing Fast 0

John Seiler:

Don’t Gov. Jerry “Jobs Killer” Brown, the Democratic-run Legislature, the government-employee unions and the tax-obsessives in the media see what’s going on?

The Depression is back — big time. The economy is crashing — fast.

The latest: U.S. First Quarter 2011 growth was just revised downward, to 0.4 percent from the previous, incorrect estimate of 1.9 percent. Second Quarter growth was just 1.3 percent.… Read more

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Markets ‘Crush’ Brown's Windmill Fantasy 3

JULY 29, 2011


With the swagger of a boxer before a match, on July 24 Gov. Jerry Brown said he would “crush” any efforts to block renewable energy projects in California.

Brown apparently was referring to efforts by environmentalists to stop a planned gargantuan 968 Megawatt solar energy project called Solar Millennium to be located in the Mojave Desert. … Read more

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Jerry Brown Killed This Business 0

Gov. Jerry “Jobs Killer” Brown quickly is replacing departed adulterer Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as California’s second-worst governor. (Gov. Earl Warren always will be the state’s worst governor for stuffing loyal Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during World War II.)

The Mercury writes about how the “Amazon tax” Brown signed into law destroyed one small business — which is moving to Nevada:

It wasn’t the Great Recession that killed Nick Loper’s business.Read more

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Series Exposed Redistricting Sham 0

JULY 29, 2011


Yesterday the California Citizens Redistricting Commission released its final maps, which already are generating lawsuits to overturn them.

In recent weeks, ran an exclusive series of articles, by John Hrabe, exposing the process. He documented how two of the commissions, instead of being “independent,” were Left-oriented political activists. State Auditor Elaine Howle failed to do her job in vetting the applicants for commissioner.… Read more

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