Senseless Remarks on Deaf Students 1

Lance Izumi: 

This week in an op-ed for The New York Times, I argued that parents of children with special needs, such as those with hearing impairments, should be empowered to choose the school, public or private, that best fits the needs of their children.  I then cited recently enacted laws in North Carolina and Ohio that give tuition tax credits and vouchers to parents of disabled children, including deaf students, which they can use at private schools. … Read more

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CA Lost in Clean Energy Labyrinth 2

California’s entangled clean energy policy just added another program to an already convoluted, growing bureaucracy. The new program, signed into law August 2 by Gov. Brown, is supposed to assist property owners with financing for green-energy projects.

While a financing component may sound simple, ABX1 14 joins the alphabet soup menu of acronyms that make up the labyrinth of energy program subsidies and incentives in California.… Read more

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Your Tax Money Stays in Vegas

The state is broke and cutting budgets sharply. Yet the prison guards are heading for a high time in Vegas — at the taxpayers’ expense. Reports the State Worker:

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has set aside about $350,000 to pay several hundred corrections officers while they attend their union’s annual convention later this month in Las Vegas.

Union dues, of course, come from the tax-funded paychecks of union members.… Read more

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Govt. Raids Calif. Raw Milk Producer 2

If you want a treat, drink some raw milk. It’s tastes so much better — and is better for you — than the chalky pasturized stuff. The same with raw cheese and butter. It does cost more.

That is, if you can find this delicacy. Sometimes Mother’s Market and other health-food stores have it in stock. Usually they don’t.

That’s because the government heavily regulates raw dairy products.… Read more

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AB 350: The Hire Lousy Workers Act 6

The assault on California businesses has been going full throttle in the current legislative session. It’s conducted by union-backed Democratic legislators oblivious to the state’s 11.8 percent unemployment rate and ranking as one of the the worst states in the country in which to do business. The California Chamber of Commerce lists 30 job-killing bills that have been introduced, 18 of which remain active, including AB 350.… Read more

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Sacramento Crashes Taxi Owners 5

Sacramento is competing with San Francisco for the award for the most abusive, nuttiest city in California.

Demonstrating a total disregard for private enterprise, the Sacramento City Council is considering adopting an ordinance to impose a two-year hold on taxicab permits. The city council agenda states that this is to give city staff time to “explore ways to reduce the number of permitted taxicabs in the City of Sacramento and their impact on the environment.”

Elite city bureaucrats have decreed that there is an oversupply of taxis, which supposedly contributes to higher fares, lower incomes for drivers and an excessive carbon footprint.… Read more

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Stadium Dreams and Sacramento Kings 1

For the past couple years we have watched our home town struggle to keep the Sacramento Kings basketball team in Sacramento. We have also observed the proposed attempt to build a new $400 million stadium for the team in downtown Sacramento at the old Southern Pacific railroad yards.

We have also followed all the headlines and rumors about how the Kings are “moving to Anaheim.” The NBA and Mayor Kevin Johnson are “trying to keep the Kings in town.” Senate President Pro Tem Darryl Steinberg, D-Sacramento, introduces legislation to keep the Kings in his home town.… Read more

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Kevin De Leon Fights Evil Unfitted Sheets! 10


The Legislative  Goofball of The Session Award goes to Sen. Kevin De Leon, D-Los Angeles, for his Senate Bill 432 that mandates that hotels use fitted sheets rather than unfitted sheets on mattresses. Other legislators have promoted more damaging and far-reaching bills, but De Leon’s ban on unfitted sheets and mandates for long-handled bathroom tools sets the record for utter silliness in a legislative body that already struggles to be taken seriously.… Read more

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Crash! CA Revenue Will Nosedive 0


The 2011-12 budget passed by the Democrats in the Legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown just a month ago projected $4 billion in extra revenues.

Ain’t gonna get it.

It was a delusion then and it’s an even bigger delusion now. Despite — or because of — the deal raising the federal debt ceiling, the economy is crashing again.… Read more

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Assembly Must Open Secret Budget 2

The leadership in the California Assembly seems to think it’s the Supreme Soviet, the legislative body of the old Soviet Union. It’s not.

The Assembly represents the people of California. And the people have the right to know what’s going on there, including with the Assembly’s budget. Yet, reported the Bee:

The California Assembly says the public has no right to see lawmakers’ current office budgets and spending projections, documents that could show whether punishment is doled out for key votes.Read more

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