Assemblyman Calls CARB Out 0

Katy Grimes:

UPDATED: 3/1/2012

Assemblyman Brian Jones crisply expressed his frustration today at an Assembly Budget Committee hearing, when he called-out  Mary Nichols for not attending the hearing.

Nichols is the California Air Resources Board Director.

“CARB is a rogue agency,” Jones, R-Santee, said, and told CARB’s Deputy Director Richard Corey, who attended the hearing in place of Nichols, that the agency exists because the Legislature allows it to.… Read more

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Republicans Preparing California Comeback 14

FEB. 29, 2012


BURLINGAME — CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN CONVENTION — Will California be Reagan Country again?

California’s Republican Party in recent years has been relegated to a regional party with little ability to gain traction in statewide elections. The devastating results for the Golden State’s GOP in 2010’s gubernatorial election—when Democrats swept every statewide elected office while the rest of the country trended Republican—was perhaps the sound of the California Republican Party hitting rock bottom.… Read more

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NBC-S.D. Quotes Me on Food Stamps 26

John Seiler:

Here’s the clip of me appearing on NBC-San Diego talking about food stamp abuse. The great host is Christine Haas:!/news/local/Suspicion-Surrounds-Food-Stamp-Use/140439093

(Note: I originally had the video imbeded, but that stopped working. Click on the link and it’s there … I hope.)


Feb. 29, 2012

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CA Dems Push Sham River ‘Consensus’ 18

FEB. 29, 2012


The waters are being roiled again in the Delta.

The roiling concerns H.R. 1837, the Republican-backed San Joaquin River Reliability Act currently pending before the U.S. House of Representatives.

Northern California Rep. John Garamendi, D-Walnut Grove, says the bill “destroys a state consensus” on the San Joaquin River and the Sacramento Delta.  Nothing could be further from the truth.… Read more

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Governance by Boondoggle 0

FEB. 29, 2012

The road to California’s financial recovery will be long and arduous. But a first good step is putting an end to taxpayer-financed boondoggles.

We know from the collapse of the Soviet Union and other failed regimes around the world that centrally planned job creation does not work. Such economies share common traits: broken governance, a pattern of politically molded insider deals, a stratified society where political elites pick winners and losers and a failure to deliver the goods.… Read more

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Broke State Budget Hits Dead End 11

FEB. 29, 2012


In in an effort to avoid a cash-flow problem, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer appeared on Bloomberg news last week talking about the sale of $1 billion in state revenue anticipation notes to Barclay’s and JP Morgan.

“The private placement deal is part of a $3.3 billion plan devised by Controller John Chiang, the state’s Department of Finance, and Lockyer’s office to address a seven-week cash shortfall that the state anticipated, starting around the end of this month,” the Wall Street Journal reported.… Read more

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Forget About Pension Reform 0

Steven Greenhut: Sen. Mimi Walters’ statement today speaks volumes about the chances for pension reform in California these days:

“I am deeply disappointed that the Pension Conference Committee today ended public hearings without debate, discussion and a vote on the Governor’s pension reform language. The Legislature must provide the Governor with the courtesy of an up or down vote on his reform plan before it is cast aside in favor of a special interest plan that protects the status quo.

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Enviros Seek Gray Wolf Protection 0

Joseph Perkins:

A single gray wolf was sighted on this side of the California-Oregon border this past December. On Monday, four environmental groups petitioned the state’s Fish and Game Commission to protect that lone wolf — and any others that happen across the state’s northern border — under the California Endangered Species Act.

“The time is now because we have one wolf inCalifornia,” said Noah Greenwald, endangered species director for the Center for Biological Diversity, one of the four petitioning enviro groups.… Read more

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Sen. GOP Blocks Cal State Confirmation 2

FEB. 28, 2012


The Senate Republican Caucus scored a major victory for taxpayers Monday by blocking the confirmation of the embattled chairman of the California State University Board of Trustees, Herbert Carter. Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, told the Los Angeles Times that he couldn’t secure the two Republican votes that would have allowed Herbert Carter to serve a second term on the board.… Read more

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Military Base Closures Could Hit Economy 11

FEB. 28, 2012


California’s economy is in the tank. That is old news. While there doesn’t seem to be relief on the horizon, there is now talk about military base closures. And as with any large employer planning on leaving the state or closing, the economic impacts to the state could be devastating.

When a military base closes, the ripple effect throughout areas can be negative, as homes are left vacant, businesses feel the impact and lose customers, and employees lose jobs.… Read more

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