Forget About Pension Reform

February 28, 2012 - By admin

Steven Greenhut: Sen. Mimi Walters’ statement today speaks volumes about the chances for pension reform in California these days:

“I am deeply disappointed that the Pension Conference Committee today ended public hearings without debate, discussion and a vote on the Governor’s pension reform language. The Legislature must provide the Governor with the courtesy of an up or down vote on his reform plan before it is cast aside in favor of a special interest plan that protects the status quo.

“The Governor’s pension reform plan, which is drafted word for word in SB 1176 (Huff) and SCA 18 (Huff) and supported by the entire Senate Republican Caucus, represents the minimum level of reform necessary to address the unsustainable costs and abuses of current public employee pension systems at both the state and local government levels.

“Unfortunately, it has become apparent that the work product of the Pension Conference Committee will consist of minor tweaks to the current system that are far too weak to address the underlying problems and growing costs that will be a burden on current and future generations of Californians. Our children and grandchildren will be paying for these public pensions while funding for education and public safety continues to suffer.

“I believe the people of California deserve the opportunity to weigh in on the Governor’s pension changes at the ballot in November 2012 and it is the responsibility of this Legislature to give them that opportunity.”

FEB. 28, 2012

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  1. Rex The Wonder Dog! says:

    Fine, Clowns Pension/Sales tax is DOA.

    Bring it on.

  2. Beelzebub says:

    Did you know that Mimi Walters has endorsed Spitzer too, Steve?

    Strange that someone so opposed to public pensions would endorse another politician who has been in bed with the cop unions and voted for the 3%@50, eh?

  3. Steven Greenhut says:

    Politics are weird. Spitzer is a nightmare, but Walters is right about pension reform. Norby endorsed Spitzer too. Politicians love to back a winner.

  4. Bob says:

    What else can one expect?

    As long as DemoNcrats like Porky Perez and Darrell Stinkbug are calling the shots there will never be pension reform. The system will have to collapse first.

    After all, Porky and Darrell were union employees placed in politics by the unions.

    Fine, Clowns Pension/Sales tax is DOA.

    I dunno, Mr. Wonder Dog. Never over estimate the voters of this state.

    You of all dogs…er…people should know Colliefornia (as Ahnode sez) as gone to the dogs…and NOT the Wonder Dogs!

  5. Rex The Wonder Dog! says:

    No way will the pension/sales tax pass.

    They tried it in San Diego last year and it was destroyed in a landslide. By a 3-1 wholloping.

    It may be closer statewide, but I still predict a 2-1 landslide- minimum. The jig is up on the pensions and cost of public employees-twice that of the real world. There is NO WAY in this climate anything close to a tax hike is going to get traction.

  6. CalWatchdog says:

    This only accelerates the bankruptcy of the whole pension system.

    – John Seiler

  7. Beelzebub says:

    The LA Times reported that the latest polls show that there is majority support for both the millionaires only tax and for Jerry Clown’s sales/millionaire’s tax. 63% and 58%, respectively. However, Molly Munger’s tax on everyone is losing with only 45% support.

    The interesting part of the analysis is that if all three tax proposals qualify for the ballot all three would LOSE!

    So let’s hope and pray all three qualify.

    A couple months ago I recall that polls showed well over 60% support for Jerry Clown’s tax proposal. The latest shows only 58%. There are still 8 months left before election day and support is slipping.

  8. Bob says:

    Even if these tax increases pass what are they going to do when that won’t solve the budget problems? Clown Brown is either a liar or an idiot. This is from a Dan Walters column in the Such Bee:

    The Legislature’s budget analyst declared that revenue for the remainder of this fiscal year and all of the next is likely to be $6.5 billion short of Brown’s expectations, even with the proposed tax increase and even counting a $2 billion windfall from Facebook’s big stock sale.

    It’s a big number – ironically, just about as big as what Brown has hoped to realize from the sales and income taxes he’ll put before voters next November – and shatters the scenario that Brown has been peddling for weeks.

  9. Rex The Wonder Dog! says:

    However, Molly Munger’s tax on everyone is losing with only 45% support.

    Beels do you know who Molly Munger really is???

    She the the daughter of Charlie Munger-Warren Buffetts #2 at Berkshire Hathaway-and a billionaire like Buffett. BTW both are lawyers and Mungers firm is one fo the bluest of the blue chip law firms in So Cal-,_Tolles_%26_Olson

    Anything a billionaire is proposing is not going to make it past the start line, much less the finish ,ine.

  10. queeg says:

    Stop crying….BK IS NOT A DIRTY WORD!!

  11. Tough Love says:

    The arrogance of Public Sector Unions, the workers, and the Politicians who allow this financial rape of the Taxpayers make me yearn for an acceleration of the day the Plans fails so we can watch the actives & those already retired go for the jugular to reap the most of the remaining spoils.

  12. Tom Farrell says:

    “Tough Love says:
    The arrogance of Public Sector Unions, the workers, and the Politicians who allow this financial rape of the Taxpayers make me yearn for an acceleration of the day the Plans fails so we can watch the actives & those already retired go for the jugular to reap the most of the remaining spoils.”

    I know, its going to be fun to watch…

  13. SeeSaw says:

    You green monsters, with the pitchforks you would love to stick into public workers, are pitiful, to watch–I am embarrassed for you.

  14. Skyisnotfalling says:

    All you doomesdayers shouldn’t worry because you probably also believe civilization is ending this December anyways. Right…
    Just wait a few years because most of you complainers are probably ex mortgage brokers who raped the common man this last decade and now you are out of jobs. Right….
    When Obama turns the economy back around you’ll all be rich again and forget about the backbone of our society. Cops, firefighters and Teachers. …. Right

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