More Inmates today in US Prisons than in Stalin’s Gulag 6

John Seiler:

Incredible. America now has more people in its stuffed prisons, 6 million, than were stuck in Stalin’s gulag prison system. Reports Fareed Zakaria on

“Is this hyperbole? Here are the facts. The U.S. has 760 prisoners per 100,000 citizens. That’s not just many more than in most other developed countries but seven to 10 times as many.Read more

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Paper: Massive Cheating in L.A., Other Schools Districts Across America 4

MARCH 26, 2012


Yesterday the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran a series on massive cheating on school tests across America, “Cheating our children: Suspicious school test scores across the nation.” It specifically looked at nine districts, including the Los Angeles Unified School District. Here’s what it found about the LAUSD:

“Enrollment: 664,233

“Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 79 percent

“AJC analysis: In 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2011, 740 classes showed unusual  changes, compared to an expected 572.Read more

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Scott Baugh Joins GOP Hypocrites 13

Steven Greenhut: Orange County Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh has gained much well-deserved publicity for his “Manifesto” declaring that the party will not support candidates who take union support. But Baugh has turned his back on his manifesto, as epitomized by his headlining role at a fund-raiser for Orange County supervisorial candidate Todd Spitzer, the former assemblyman and supervisor who is so closely aligned with the public sector unions, especially police and fire, that it’s fair to say that Spitzer represented them more so than the general public.… Read more

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Another ‘Green’ Scandal Alert 7

Katy Grimes: ECOtality, a San Francisco green-tech company which had been on the verge of bankruptcy, “received roughly $115 million in two separate Energy Department grants to build 14,000 electric vehicle charging stations in 18 cities,” the Heritage Foundation reported today.

“In its push to get electric vehicles on the road, the Obama administration has partnered with a company in dire financial straits that is also under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for insider trading,” the Heritage Foundation wrote.… Read more

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Legislators Shame Even Dick and Jane 5

MAR. 23, 2012


Political gamesmanship is as old as man and politics. The levels of gamesmanship, however, can either remain at mere power struggles and turf wars, or escalate to abuses of power.

With 78 empty budget bills now in the hands of the legislative Democrats, many at the Capitol are questioning why Democrats are trying so hard to prove that they are in power.… Read more

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Consequences of Conservation 0

March 23, 2012

Palo Alto residents have responded admirably to the city’s “Zero Waste” campaign, which aims to divert almost all the city’s trash from landfills to recycling centers by 2021.

In fact, residents have done such a good job of recycling — the city’s diversion rate has risen all the way to 80 percent — the city’s Department of Public Works frets it isn’t generating enough trash collection revenue to pay its bills.… Read more

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Loophole Allows New Cal State Prez to Receive 20% Raise 3

MARCH 23, 2012


A loophole in the California State University’s new executive compensation policy will allow new Cal State Northridge President Dianne Harrison to earn a 20 percent raise over her current salary as president of Cal State Monterey Bay. Harrison, who annually earns $270,315 in base pay as Monterey Bay’s chief, will be eligible to earn $54,185 more per year by switching institutions. … Read more

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Brown’s Tax Canoe Headed For Water Fall 0

MARCH 23, 2012


California Gov. Jerry Brown likens himself to a canoeist who paddles a little to the Left then a little to the Right.  Lately, he has been paddling Left with labor unions to propose a new $9 billion tax increase that supposedly will plug an estimated $7 billion state budget deficit. Brown merged his tax proposal with one by the California Federation of Teachers.… Read more

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Breton’s Embarrassing Suck Up 0

Steven Greenhut: No one would expect Sacramento Bee columnist Marcos Breton to take on a tough issue or defy conventional wisdom, but his March 21 bouquet to Mayor Kevin Johnson was uncomfortably embarrassing even by his standards. It’s rare to find a journalist whose groveling includes anything this bad: “Mayor Kevin Johnson could become a transformative figure who moves Sacramento away from small-time thinking and leaves the capital in far better shape than he found it.” Breton was championing a corporate-welfare stadium deal that could use some journalistic muck-raking.… Read more

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Cal State’s Contempt for Public Disclosure 3

MARCH 22, 2012


On Tuesday morning, I sent an email to three high-ranking officials at San Jose State University, requesting information about the executive compensation for former president Jon Whitmore and two key employees. By law, the school is required to disclose the information to the public. Within two hours, I received this accidental reply from Larry Carr, the college’s Associate Vice President of Public Affairs, “Anybody know who this guy is?… Read more

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