California’s zany voters

April 23, 2012 - By admin

April 23, 2012

By Brian Calle

Disillusionment with the two dominant political parties in California should come as no surprise given the economic malaise, massive regulatory bureaucracy and climbing unemployment numbers plaguing the state.

“Decline to state” voters now make up one in five of all registered voters in the Golden State according to a report released by the Secretary of State in January. In fact, “decline to state” voter registrations continue to grow while Democrats and Republicans have seen drops in voter registrations over the last year.

This new trend in California, coupled with the new top-two primary system, may lend itself to the election of candidates not affiliated with either major political party. As the Sacramento Bee notes there are “36 candidates with ‘no party preference’ running for state and federal office in California this year.”

While voters are rightfully disenchanted with the Republican and Democratic parties in California, some of the candidates running without traditional party affiliations have their own baggage.

For example, former Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams, one of the few Republican legislators persuaded by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to vote for massive tax increases, is now running for California’s 8th congressional district without a partisan label.

California’s electorate is unpredictable, if not altogether zany, so it’s perfectly feasible that a few “decline to state” or other third party candidates could be elected to office this November. It serves Democrats and Republicans right to lose elected seats in California but the jury is still out as to whether or not these  so-called non-partisan alternatives would be any better.

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  1. Beelzebub says:

    “For example, former Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams, one of the few Republican legislators persuaded by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to vote for massive tax increases, is now running for California’s 8th congressional district without a partisan label”

    What happened? Did he lose is $150k parole board commission job that he was awarded by the republicants after stabbing his constituents in the backs and voting for higher taxes after signing a pledge that he wouldn’t? Hey, at least the guy was honest after the fact. He went on NPR radio and told the world that the state republicants collectively selected 6 sacrificial lambs to vote ‘yes’ while instructing the rest to vote ‘no’. So it was all orchestrated according to Adams. And he should know. He was one of the sacrificial lambs who, like the germans said at the Nurenberg trials “I vas only following ordirs”.

    So when the peasants see this naturally they are going to flee the major parties. Hell, I did!

    What about the Libertarians? Are you satisfied with ex-NM Gov Gary Johnson as the shoe-in nominee for the Lib presidential candidate??? Do a blog on that. I’d love to see your opinions! If he’s a Libertarian I’m Rumpelstiltskin.

  2. Beelzebub says:

    Well, I got my voter’s guide today in the mail. What have we here? hmmmm.

    Prop 28 – Limits on Legislator’s term limits – SCAM ALERT – does exactly the opposite of what it purports to do – typical trickery and deceit that’s becoming commonplace in Ca elections. Sickening. If you plan to vote – VOTE NO!!!

    Prop 29 – Cigarette tax – as if they haven’t dragged the poor smokers far enough through the mud. G’ damn fascists!!! If you plan to vote VOTE NO!!!

    Also shows us the US Senate candidates. If I were still a republicant I would vote for Orly Taitz. What a courageous woman she is! She has been vindicated in her fight against Obama’s birth certificate – The Maricopa Sheriffs office did a 6 month investigation and have proven the BC and his selective service registration card to be total forgeries.

    And just last week Obama’s atty who represented him in a ballot challenge in NJ last week admitted on the record that Obama’s BC is a phony.

    So Orly wins. The woman has the persistence of a hungry pit bull protecting it’s pups. And honest as the day is long. Will not back down in the face of vicious vitriol and below the belt punches. That’s why we need her in congress! God bless you, Orly. You rock!!!

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