Calif. just for rich folks now

April 28, 2012 - By admin

April 28, 2012

By John Seiler

California is just for rich folks now. If you’re middle class, I suggest getting out. If you’re poor, you can get EBT cards, Section 8 housing, etc., but then you’re hooked into the government system.

Some of my previous posts on this topic raised the hackles of some readers, especially when I blamed Peter Douglas, the late head of the California Coastal Commission, for much of the attack on the middle class. He and his rich, elite buddies, such as ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gov. Jerry Brown, have imposed laws and regulations that keep safe their cozy arrangements and drive up the value of their property, but make California property prohibitively expensive for the rest of us, especially for families.

The problem is that free societies are based on the middle class. All societies have elites. Even the Soviet Union, advertised as a perfectly egalitarian society for “the workers,” in fact allowed the bosses to live in luxury undreamed of by Warren Buffett. Stalin and his socialist elite comrades dined on caviar and imported wines while the masses starved to death by the millions. They lived in the palaces and the dachas of the executed Tsar, while tens of millions of Russians huddled in hideous high-rises — just the blueprint the Douglas-Brown-Schwarzenegger elite has in stock for us under SB 375. Read “Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar” if you want to see how Stalin ruled, and how we will be ruled.

The Elite still can afford to live here, as shown by a flyer in my morning Orange County Register for Lambert Ranch in Irvine, “From $900,000, Nine Model Homes.” (Picture above.) A home model called “The Grove at Lambert Ranch” is advertised as “Sloping upward and gazing across Irvine. Amid stands of eucalyptus trees. 4,278 — 5,182 square feet. Up to 6 bedrooms/6.5 baths.” Today is the Grand Opening.

Only the “1 percent” — and above — can afford these kinds of digs.

I don’t begrudge rich people homes like this. If they got their money honestly, which most have, then more power to them.

But this is the only type of homes now being built in coastal California.

With no middle class, there’s no free society. There’s just an elite that pushes everybody around while doing what it wants (Douglas, Arnold, Brown, etc.), a small middle class, mostly made up of government workers, and a large proletariat that’s unorganized, repressed and can’t accumulate the capital (as in free societies) to climb into the middle class or higher.



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  1. Beelzebub says:

    God bless you, John. This is one of your best condensed blogs.

    There is currently a war being waged against the middle class. It is getting harder and harder to make basic ends meet. Good solid responsible citizens struggle harder than ever before to put a roof over the heads of their family members and put food on the table. I talk with them everyday. Some are having such a difficult time that they are very worried about getting through the year – let alone funding their retirements and kid’s educations.

    I contend that this nation is mimicking the old Soviet Union is so many ways. It’s blatantly obvious. More police presence. More civil liberties being dismantled. More phony politics where the citizens must choose between Dracula and Frankenstein. More blatant political lies that go unpunished. Special privileges for government employees. Big headwinds for the consumer – as wages remain stagnant while the price of food, fuel, medical care and shelter(the basics to human existence) rise continuously higher. Laziness and dependency on government handouts being rewarded. Producers being punished. To each according to his need – from each according to his ability.

    We spent trillions to dismantle the old Soviet Union. Now we are mimicking them and the slippery slope is getting slicker and slicker with each passing day.

    Sorry for the negativity, John. But unless we speak out and describe the injustice of what we see with our eyes everyone will think this is normal. Especially the youngsters who know no better. They are being indocrinated into the NEW Amerika. If no one tells them it is sick – they will consider it normal. Like a kid raised by a drunk or a drug addict. They grow up not knowing what the hell normal is!!!

    Thank you for such an observant blog!

  2. Rogue Elephant says:

    No worries – easy fix: just pass the People’s Rights Amendment, seize all corporate assets, and return the means of production to the People!

  3. Beelzebub says:

    Did you happen to see this?

    “Summary: The July 7, 2011, report of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration provides summary data from IRS tax returns that show illegal immigrants collected far more in dollars from the IRS than they paid in federal income taxes for each year in the period of 2005-2010, the total six-year net benefit amounting to about $7.3 billion”

    Right from the mouth of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. And you know how they tell us that illegals are emigrating back to their own countries? Horsepuckey. Then why are they collecting increasingly larger amounts of tax credits as the years progress?

    This is like organized crime that has been designed by the US government. Turn a blind eye to illegals. Let them cross our borders and infiltrate our neighborhoods. Then let them tell us that due to the large numbers it’s impractical to deport them. Then let them use ITIN’s to claim tax credits and get free money when they pay $0 in income taxes. Then force the middle class citizens to turn their money over to these illegal scofflaws against their will.


  4. queeg says:

    The middle class today have residences filled with tons of “things”…..all kinds of things the Greatest Generation never possessed…

    Health care and life spans have increased dramatically. The percentage of high school graduates and college bound…way up….

    These continued tiring gloom and doom psychotic rants…the middle class is ripped off….sadly, are pitiful….if your life is worse than in 1950′s…..get off the porch and move your posterior into the mainstream of American productivity/wealth creation…..

  5. Beelzebub says:

    Remember how Moe used to pull Curly around the room by his ear with a pair of pliers?

    For some reason that image just popped into my mind.:)

  6. Rex The Wonder Dog! says:

    Remember how Moe used to pull Curly around the room by his ear with a pair of pliers?

    For some reason that image just popped into my mind.:)

    Queeg has no brains OR TALENT. He is more like Larry Fine :)

  7. Beelzebub says:

    “Queeg has no brains OR TALENT. He is more like Larry Fine”

    Be careful, rex. He’s an ex-naval officer after all. It’s damn near a crime to make a off centered comment about vet these days. You know how the PC thing goes. Everytime you run across a vet you have to say “Thanks for serving” – otherwise you are a traitor. We must glorify war. The oligarchs in the corporations demand it!

    If you want to insult a vet come after me. I take nothing personally. I went in the service for the GI Bill. My parents couldn’t afford to pay for college tuition plus room ‘n board. And unlike the kids today I never had the gall to burden them with it or feel as if I were entitled to make them take out a second on the house or delay their retirement so I could go get brainwashed in college. I paid my own freight. That’s the way it should be.

    I am curious whether officer queeq ever ran a ship agound during his naval career?

  8. Bob says:

    “He’s an ex-naval officer after all.”

    That’s hillarious. Yeah, he was a captain, remember.

    “I am curious whether officer queeq ever ran a ship agound during his naval career?”

    That’s even funnier.

    Everything Queeq says is in jest. He’s just trying to pull your leg. I always thought maybe he’s John Seiler just trying to have fun with you. Probably not, but it crossed my mind.

  9. Rex The Wonder Dog! says:

    Everything Queeq says is in jest. He’s just trying to pull your leg. I always thought maybe he’s John Seiler just trying to have fun with you. Probably not, but it crossed my mind.

    Hahahah…I thought it might be a Teddy Steals sock puppet account ;)

  10. queeg says:

    No Sunday is perfect without relaxing reading some Yellow Dog Journal on the net and pouring over tortured minds’ picking wings off flies!!!

  11. Beelzebub says:

    “Hahahah…I thought it might be a Teddy Steals sock puppet account”

    I always suspected that he was seesaw’s husband. You know. The conservative carpenter who worked for peanuts. If you’ve heard the story once you’ve heard it a million times. :)

  12. queeg says:

    Probably…is a sign of a polite moderate….nothing is what it seems….being popular and correct rule over conviction….your mind can blow reading stuff on this site….laced with probably or testy hate rants!

  13. Beelzebub says:

    Hate gets a bum rap in America. Sometimes hate is fully justified and, in fact, should be promoted in any civilization. As an adjunct to ‘hate crimes’ I am of the opinion that there should be ‘hate awards’ too – if for nothing else – to just remove the stigma.

    That is my positive post for the day. Looking on the bright side. :D

  14. David Foy says:

    A truly awesome post.

  15. Bob says:

    I always suspected that he was seesaw’s husband. You know. The conservative carpenter who worked for peanuts. If you’ve heard the story once you’ve heard it a million times.

    You boyz know something I don’t. Guess it was some OC blog you all were involved in. I have no idea who seesaw’s husband is or who this Teddy Steals character is.

  16. Beelzebub says:

    Seesaw has given us a blow by blow narrative on this blog about how her husband got screwed over in the private sector. I still don’t know what her point was. I guess she was trying to claim that she’s one of us even though she apparently worked for LA County for 3 decades or so. I got nothing personal against gov workers in general until they come on the boards and start claiming that they’re entitled to this or that because of how hard they worked to serve the citizens. I’ve known lots of gov workers in my day. I know better.

  17. queeg says:

    It is sorry nation when we went in military voluntarily to defend the Fonda huggers on this site….. some appear to be former graduate students in mushroom/ California Gold cultivation or on medical deferments from store can stocking accidents…

  18. Beelzebub says:

    queeq – when I enlisted I didn’t go in so everybody would fawn all over me. I enlisted for the GI Bill and to travel. Nobody owes you a damn thing for volunteering, queeq. Nada. What do you want for signing on the dotted line? Celebrity status? You can go into the military a punk and come out a punk. Get off your high horse. You’re not even close to something special.

  19. [...] if they’re rich. That’s a point I have been making, as has Joel [...]

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