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Bid to reform teacher firing process thwarted 11

June 29, 2012 By Joseph Perkins After passage in the state Senate by a 33-4 bipartisan majority, the Assembly Education Committee bowed this week to the state’s all-too-powerful teachers unions, rejecting a bill authored by Padilla, D-Van Nuys, that would

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Deregulating ‘earmarks’ saved schools, didn’t hurt poor 4

June 27, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi Deregulation got a bad rap in California ever since it was wrongly blamed as causing the Energy Crisis of 2001 and the San Diego Blackout of 2011.  But a new study by the Rand

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The Math Scam 31

June 26, 2012 By Stan Brin Some of us are good at math, some of us struggle merely to get through it. Whether we’re good at it or bad, few of us will ever again use anything we learned in

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Legislature deep-sixes Gov. Brown’s education ‘reform’

June 19, 2012 By Lance T. Izumi Last week, I wrote about Governor Jerry Brown’s weighted-student-formula proposal, which attached a base state-funding amount plus various supplemental amounts to individual students that would then be collected by school districts.  The plan

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Gov. Brown pushes pale education ‘reform’

June 13, 2012 By Lance T. Izumi Around the country, governors like Bobby Jindal in Louisiana have led successful fights for new education-reform laws that eliminate or restrict teacher tenure, re-think old-line seniority protection rules and give parents the ability

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Bill to create ‘segregated’ school discipline 16

June 1, 2012 Katy Grimes: With all of the recent talk about nanny states and politicians interjecting themselves into the personal lives of citizens, another such bill was passed in the Assembly Thursday. But this bill will allow the state of

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