VIDEO: Pete Peterson — Empowering entrepreneurs to transform California

VIDEO: Pete Peterson — Empowering entrepreneurs to transform California

You can’t register your business online in California and the state has a long history of punishing business owners and entrepreneurs in other ways as well.

Pete Peterson, the Republican candidate for Secretary of State, plans to use the entrepreneurial qualities of Californians to reignite the greatness of the Golden State.


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  1. fletch92131
    fletch92131 29 September, 2014, 18:13

    I wish Mr. Peterson great success with his campaign and shaking up the CA Department of State. I know that when I was head of security at the largest Southern California Navy R&D activity, we had tons of paper forms which had to be submitted every time you wanted something done. My job was to simplify that process into its as few forms as possible and put them online. Not only that we succeeded at that, but we also saved more than 3/4 of $1 million per year in overhead money. Whatever influence Mr. Peterson has, I encourage him to try to impose the following on the state:

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  2. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 29 September, 2014, 20:24

    Oh, man. I thought you meant the ex-Boise State football coach who is now coaching the Washington Huskies. I would have been interested to listen to what he had to say. And all you give us is another talking head, forked tongued puppet pol from Sactown? No thanks.

    Signing off.

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  3. Ulusses Uhaul
    Ulusses Uhaul 29 September, 2014, 21:55

    Looks like Bill Simon…….how did that work out.

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  4. Bill Gore
    Bill Gore 30 September, 2014, 08:54

    ‘Priviledge tax”, “Board of Equalization”, “Use Tax”
    Aside from the ragingly Orwellian nomenclature, and behind it, is a mosh-up of attitudes derived from trial lawyers and little hair on fire radicals who think they have institutionalized the ‘revolution’ but still suck up to big money, the bigger the better.

    In California those who actually write the checks and pay the bills continue to slumber in football and sunshine, while the demographic balance goes ever more against them.

    Also, this guy looks creepy. Sorry.

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