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NEW: Backlash to CA police militarization extends across political spectrum

NoHo bank robbery (6)
September 17, 2014 By James Poulos. The acquisition of a mine-resistant armored vehicle by the city of Davis has drawn national attention and fueled a statewide outcry over the armament of law enforcement with military-grade equipment. In a detailed history of the so-called militarization of California police, the New York Times interviewed critics and defenders of the Davis vehicle, which carries a price tag of $700,...

VIDEO: Can “Parent Trigger” Fix Our Schools?

VIDEO: Can “Parent Trigger” Fix Our Schools?
September 17, 2014 By admin. With the invention of the "parent trigger" there's a new tool that parents can use to fix their broken school systems. Film maker Bob Bowdon joins CalWatchdog's James Poulos to discuss.  ...

Dems spending more campaign cash against Dems in open primary system

September 17, 2014 By James Poulos. Since the advent of the "jungle primary" system that runs the top two votegetters in the general election, Democrats have outspent Republicans when pitted against a member of their own party. That is to say California's open primary system has caused Democrats to spend more money against fellow Democrats in political races. The findings, released by Forward Observer, paint a surpr...

Hospitals seek veto of workers’ comp expansion

mrsa wikimedia
September 16, 2014 By Dave Roberts.   California hospitals could be facing millions of dollars in increased workers’ compensation claims if a bill sponsored by the California Nurses Association is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. As of Tuesday afternoon, Brown had not made a decision. Assembly Bill 2616, by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, would expand workers’ compensation claims for nurses (and other ho...
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