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Chicago teachers stifle reform

September 17, 2012 By Steven Greenhut. Sept. 17, 2012 By Steven Greenhut Chicago's public school teachers went on strike last week over a modest plan to extend their work day and subject them to the type of standardized performance testing they typically administer to students. The walkout provided a fresh reminder that teachers unions exist to expand the pay and protections for teachers, not to help "the children." Unions...

Prop. 32 Fight Won’t Be Settled in November

September 16, 2012 By admin. Sept. 17, 2012 By John Hrabe Conservative activists see Proposition 32, California’s latest paycheck protection measure, as a potential game changer. “When Prop. 32 passes, unions will be on an even level with other power groups,” said Stephen Frank, a Republican grassroots activist and publisher of the California Political News and Views. “This will have a major effect on cam...

School choice is spreading

School choice is spreading
September 15, 2012 By admin. Sept. 15, 2012 By Brian Calle In this interview, I talked to Robert C. Enlow, president and CEO of the Friedman Center for Educational Choice. He describes the exciting developments across the country, including "some movement in California." The center is named after the late Nobel economics laureate Milton Friedman, who would have been 100 this year. ...

Backlash bill would block eminent domain for underwater mortgages

September 14, 2012 By admin. Sept. 14, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi Will Americans be protected from eminent domain abuses? Eminent domain is where the government takes someone's property, usually for a government purpose, such as building a school or road. But sometimes eminent domain is abused to take private property and give it to a private company, such as a big-box store or housing development. Last week, Califor...
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