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Revolt stirs against ‘regulation without representation’

November 1, 2012 By admin. Nov. 1, 2012 By Warren Duffy America's forefathers rebelled in 1776 against "taxation without representation." Who now is willing to step up and stop “regulation without representation”? On November 14, 2012, eight days after the election, the California Air Resources Board will launch the first ever Carbon Credit Auction implemented by their Cap and Trade scheme. This is a progr...

Do they really want to combat global warming?

October 31, 2012 By admin. Commentary Oct. 31, 2012 By John Seiler Nowadays, almost anything that happens is blamed on "global warming." Or its more recent euphemism, "climate change." On his blog, Al Gore just wrote: "For many, Hurricane Sandy may prove to be a similar event: a time when the climate crisis—which is often sequestered to the far reaches of our everyday awareness became a reality.... "Scienti...

California’s fate rests on more than this election

California’s fate rests on more than this election
October 31, 2012 By admin. October 31, 2012 By Katy Grimes As California voters prepare to square off with several tax increase measures on next Tuesday's ballot, the fate of California balances on a precarious cliff. But it's not just the tax increases which could push the state over the cliff... that's just part one. Part Deux The California Air Resources Board is a nefarious beast of a state agency which mo...

Gov. Brown campaigns for rich public-employee unions

October 31, 2012 By admin. Commentary Oct. 31, 2012 By Mark Cabaniss If you have the stomach, listen to Jesuit seminary dropout (1957)  Gov. Jerry Brown out on the campaign trail recently, selling his newest tax hike, Proposition 30:  “I like to quote from St. Luke: ‘From those who have been given, much will be asked.’” To Brown and others of his ilk, it is always “the other” who has been given a...
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