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Vive la Foie Gras Résistance!

December 10, 2012 By admin. Dec. 10, 2012 By John Hrabe In 2004, then-state Senate President Pro-Tem John Burton, D-San Francisco, coined a profane, albeit effective, slogan that helped convince Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign into law the nation’s first ban on foie gras. A favorite target of animal rights groups worldwide, the French delicacy is created by force-feeding ducks for their specially-fattened li...

Evidence Keeps Building Of Flaws In State’s Carbon Auction

Evidence Keeps Building Of Flaws In State’s Carbon Auction
December 9, 2012 By admin. Dec. 09, 2012 By John Hrabe California’s cap and trade regulators can’t seem to do anything right. Taxpayers, businesses and even some environmentalists are exposing the serious flaws with the state’s carbon auction. Small businesses have criticized the landmark greenhouse gas emissions law for being “the greatest threat to the growth of our business in California.” On the e...

Free market’s lessons go untaught

December 9, 2012 By Steven Greenhut. Dec. 9, 2012 By Steven Greenhut SACRAMENTO -- Advocates for bigger government -- which is just about everyone these days, it seems -- believe that government is the most efficient and humane provider of goods and services. It's such a bizarre way of viewing the world, but lessons about the wonders of the free market apparently aren't taught anywhere anymore. The presidential electio...

Poll Softening Up Voters For Split Roll Tax

December 8, 2012 By admin. Dec. 8, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi “Ignorance is strength.” –- George Orwell California’s opinion polling has deteriorated to “measuring the public’s satisfaction with its ignorance” fed to them by pollsters. That is the only conclusion that can be made from the recent opinion poll released by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC). The poll incredibly indicates...
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