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Clintons could influence Boxer successor

hillary clinton, wikimedia
January 22, 2015 By James Poulos. Through their political ups and downs, Bill and Hillary Clinton managed to steadily expand their network of professional and personal relationships. In addition to supplying them with a formidable base of loyalty and resources heading into 2016 and Hillary's expected presidential bid, the effort has also paid dividends when it comes to exercising political influence. Exhibit A in th...

Hertzberg proposes $10 billion sales tax on services

January 21, 2015 By John Hrabe. An influential state lawmaker is proposing a $10 billion sales tax on services that would include everything from accounting to yoga classes. State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, says the changing global economy requires a reevaluation of what's considered subject to sales and use taxes. That's why he's introduced Senate Bill 8, a massive tax overhaul that, he contends, will help av...

Recreational pot’s hazy CA future

Reefer Madness
January 21, 2015 By James Poulos. A majority of Californians now favors the legalization of marijuana -- not just for medical purposes, but recreational use. The state's voters legalized medical marijuana with Proposition 215 in 1996. But so far, the state has not followed Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington among states enacting full legalization. On paper, support in California for outright legalization may be ...

Covered CA facing 2015 adjustments

covered CA open enrollment
January 20, 2015 By James Poulos. After posting some of the biggest numbers in the Obamacare firmament, Covered California is putting the squeeze on Golden Staters. Amid concerns that bureaucratic and administrative rules will reverse initial gains, the statewide exchange is stressing the substantial increase in tax penalties facing Californians who don't get insurance. Meanwhile, choices for coverage are shrinking, ...
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