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More dams or regulations to alleviate drought?

Groundwater storage, 1962-2002
June 6, 2014 By Wayne Lusvardi.   American diplomat Dwight Morrow wrote, “Any party which takes credit for the rain must not be surprised if its opponents blame it for the drought.” Likewise any policymakers that take credit for restoring rivers for fish and not building dams should not be surprised when they get blamed for water shortages and groundwater overdrafting. On June 1 the Sacramento Bee r...

Feds funnel money to CA hydrogen cars

2013_Toyota_FCV_CONCEPT_01, wikimedia
June 5, 2014 By James Poulos. The hype surrounding electric cars is running out of gas -- and the Department of Energy is directing funds toward hydrogen. Nearly $7 million in federal financial support is headed to five California developers working on hydrogen fuel cells, which emit only water vapor as a byproduct. Foremost among the recipients are Ardica, in San Francisco; HRL Laboratories, in Malibu; Lawrence...

Election: Dems could lose 2/3 Assembly control

Assembly Democratic Caucus
June 4, 2014 By John Hrabe. Democrats, who seized two-thirds control of the California Assembly in 2012, will have a tough time repeating the task this November. In Tuesday's low turnout primary election, more than a half dozen members of the State Assembly -- all Democrats -- fell below 50 percent in their re-election bids. Known as the incumbent rule, derived from a 1989 article by Nick Panagakis, incumbe...

Gov. Brown ‘saves’ sriracha

Sriracha , Huy fong
June 3, 2014 By James Poulos. From the looks of it, the sriracha scandal is over, thanks to Gov. Jerry Brown. Dig deeper, however, and the sudden resolution to the nine-month-old ordeal becomes more mysterious. First, the simple part of the story. On Wednesday, the Irwindale City Council voted to drop both the lawsuit and nuisance declaration they'd been hanging over Huy Fong Foods, a sriracha hot-sauce manuf...
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