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Will Executions In California Ever Resume?
FEB. 10, 2011 As I write this on Feb. 8, San Jose federal Judge Jeremy Fogel is preparing to tour San Quentin State Prison’s new death chamber, which reportedly cost nearly a million dollars. It was Fogel who, after a previous tour five years ago, stopped all executions in California, ruling that...
State Plan To Help Distressed Homeowners
State Board of Education Halts Parent-trigger Law
Furloughs Take Toll On State Worker Pay
Gov. Brown Halts State Building Sale
Katy Grimes: For one year, I've been writing about the smelly deal of the sale of the 11 state-owned properties. In December it was halted until Gov. Brown's administration could assess the sale and Gov. Schwarzenegger was out of office. And now, it was announced yesterday that it is off the table. ...