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VIDEO: Would six Californias be better than one?

VIDEO: Would six Californias be better than one?
November 3, 2014 By admin. Is the Six Californias plan good for California? Reason Magazine's Editor Matt Welch joins Cal Watchdog's James Poulos and we find out what would be missed.

Pension spikes crumbling CA roads

Los Angeles traffic jam, wikimedia
October 31, 2014 By James Poulos. From roads to bridges and well beyond, California's neglected infrastructure won't receive relief this election cycle. For years, the state has lavished money on other projects -- especially public pensions. Despite a flurry of bad press surrounding the crushing burdens those pensions place on cities and municipalities, the trend is set to continue. When voters go to the polls n...

Assembly 65 swing-seat spending tops $5.2 million

Sharon Quirk Silva
October 31, 2014 By John Hrabe. Two years ago, legislative Democrats pulled off an upset in the heart of conservative Orange County. "I was a surprise win in the last election," Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton, said in a recent interview of her four-point victory over Republican Chris Norby. "And from the moment I won, there has been an effort to take back this seat." Quirk-Silva isn't exactly givi...

Democrats divided on big issues in CA

Democrats fighting logo
October 30, 2014 By James Poulos. Although Democrats in California are eager to celebrate major victories next Tuesday, political fault lines lie under their party. From anti-rape legislation, to education reform, to health costs and beyond, an anticipated left-leaning consensus has failed to materialize in the Golden State. The resulting controversies, disagreements and difficulties in politicking have thrown a surp...
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