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Brown struggles to hit education stride

brown education
October 3, 2014 By James Poulos. With education becoming a major state issue just in time for the election, Gov. Jerry Brown has found himself in an uncharacteristic position. The often unflappable governor, who has prided himself on following the beat of his own drum, has been ensnared in an ongoing debate among Democrats. At issue: How to recover their footing in the wake of Judge Rolf Treu's far-reaching ruling in...

Could underdog upset Assembly GOP Caucus?

October 3, 2014 By John Hrabe. Twenty years ago, Jim Brulte was all set to be elected speaker of the Assembly. "I am absolutely confident that I'll be elected speaker," Brulte told the San Jose Mercury News in Dec. 1994, shortly after the GOP claimed a majority in the lower house in the November election. "Whether it takes a day or a week or a month, we'll just keep coming back until we elect a speaker." But B...

CA GOP labors to read Latino tea leaves

California hispanic republicans
October 2, 2014 By James Poulos. Though the political ground has been shifting in California, new research is giving Republicans only hints about how to woo Latino voters. Much like their nationwide counterparts, for moderate-to-liberal Republicans in the Golden State, Latinos have come to represent an essential outreach opportunity. Unlike some grassroots Republicans and conservatives, centrist Republicans have ...

Los Angeles books higher hotel minimum wage

Eric Garcetti
October 2, 2014 By James Poulos. If critics are right, room service in Los Angeles hotels could descend to that of the Bates Motel. Yesterday the City Council passed a $15.37 minimum wage for non-unionized employees of large hotels in Los Angeles. Breitbart News reported city observers generally recognized the union-driven plan would boost member rolls because unionized workers' wages would be regulated by unio...
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