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Tunnel could boost high-speed rail cost

high-speed rail tunnel
August 9, 2014 By Wayne Lusvardi. The cost of the high-speed rail project might be going above the current estimate of $68 billion. The California High-Speed Rail Authority recently announced a strategic shift to consider an alternative for its 40-mile Palmdale-to-Burbank link. Instead of the current plan of running it parallel to the Palmdale Freeway, the new line would run through a tunnel under the San Gabriel M...

Water fight: Now it’s four bonds

Almaden reservoir, wikimedia
August 9, 2014 By Wayne Lusvardi. For California's water, now it's dueling water bonds -- four of them. First bond: On Friday, Senate Republicans refurbished their own water-bond proposal, now for $8.7 billion. According to the Los Angeles Times, "Nearly a third of the money in the new proposal would go to water storage. Like the 2009 plan, the new GOP proposal would designate $3 billion for storage such as reservoir...

Cell kill-switch bill moves ahead

kill switch
August 7, 2014 By James Poulos. California could soon become the second state in the nation to force so-called "kill switches" into cellphones. The technology causes equipped devices to be disabled remotely, by a figurative flip of the switch. An owner might throw the kill switch if his cell was stolen. Or the government might order phones turned off. Although the act is simple, and the reasoning behind the bill se...

2 realities of $11 billion water bond

brown water bond
August 7, 2014 By Joel Fox.   There are two realities with the current $11.1 billion water bond currently scheduled to appear on the November ballot as Proposition 43. One, the bond is too big and filled with pork. Two, even so, if it appeared on the ballot as is, it likely would pass. Legislators are debating the size and content of the bond with time running out to replace the $11.1 billion measure tha...
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