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VIDEO: Does California government do anything well (besides grow)?

VIDEO: Does California government do anything well (besides grow)?
October 27, 2014 By admin. California is controlled by Democrat politicians, but even they have failed to deliver on a list of progressive promises. Reason Magazine's Editor Matt Welch joins CalWatchdog's James Poulos to discuss the shortcomings of liberal utopia. ...

Drought emergency strikes Southland water district

upper district
October 24, 2014 By Wayne Lusvardi.     Will next year bring restrictions to water use in Southern California that cause people’s yards to go brown and die? Could be, if the Southland suffers a worst-case scenario of low rainfall and no imported water, Tony Zampiello told; he’s watermaster for the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District – called the Upper District. On ...

Deasy resignation continues LAUSD turmoil

Los Angeles Unified School District, LAUSD
October 24, 2014 By James Poulos. John Deasy's recent resignation as the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District ends three years of controversy. But a cloud of chalk dust remains over the mammoth district's future. Deasy conceded his policies sowed sharp disagreements. And a conciliatory statement by the LAUSD School Board acknowledged "academic achievement rose substantially despite severe...

Experts warn of new easy-money hazard

chris cox
October 23, 2014 By John Seiler. COSTA MESA -- Federal regulators are repeating the same easy-money mistakes that led to the Great Recession. So warned five housing and banking experts today at a Breakfast Panel discussion before local business and community leaders at the Westin South Coast Plaza. The event was sponsored by the Forum for Corporate Directors and the Pacific Research Institute,’s parent...
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