The impacts of raising San Francisco’s minimum wage to $15

Saturday, October 11th, 2014
minimum wage, Rick McKee, Cagle, Oct. 8, 2014

On Nov. 4 San Francisco voters are being asked to approve Proposition J, a measure which increases the minimum wage in San Francisco to $15 per hour by 2018 from the current city rate of $10.74. San Franciscans should think carefully before approving this measure. When a business hires an employe...

Judge: CalPERS not protected in Stockton bankruptcy

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

After a brief reprieve from a bad summer, the California Public Employees Retirement System has been handed another massive setback. In a provisional but uncompromising ruling, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein held bankrutpcy law does not permit CalPERS to protect its workers' pensions e...

Los Angeles books higher hotel minimum wage

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
Eric Garcetti

If critics are right, room service in Los Angeles hotels could descend to that of the Bates Motel. Yesterday the City Council passed a $15.37 minimum wage for non-unionized employees of large hotels in Los Angeles. Breitbart News reported city observers generally recognized the union-driven p...

Brown fuels incentives for alt-energy cars

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Convinced carbon emissions pose an "existential threat" to the human race, Gov. Jerry Brown just signed a set of bills designed to push ahead an environmental agenda dependent on automobiles that don't run on gas. Among other new rules, regulations and programs, the new legislation set three cha...

Public Utilities Commission crashes into Uber, Lyft

Friday, September 19th, 2014
Lyft Line

This week was supposed to be a Kumbaya moment for state legislators and ridesharing services. On Wednesday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed it into law compromise legislation allowing the firms to continue to flourish, while requiring them to increase their insurance coverage. But just before then, t...

Hospitals seek veto of workers’ comp expansion

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
mrsa wikimedia

  California hospitals could be facing millions of dollars in increased workers’ compensation claims if a bill sponsored by the California Nurses Association is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. As of Tuesday afternoon, Brown had not made a decision. Assembly Bill 2616, by Assemblywoman Nancy...

Warrantless drone ban hovers over Brown’s desk

Monday, September 15th, 2014

With a stroke of his pen, Gov. Jerry Brown could set the tone for state-level drone policy. After passing the Assembly and the state Senate, AB1327 will await Brown's signature until the end of September. Legislation regulating the use of drones by law enforcement has already been proposed ...

Assemblywoman Grove raises union power issue

Thursday, September 11th, 2014
NEW: Assemblywoman Grove raises union power issue

  Did a Democratic legislator take labor union money in exchange for a union-sponsored bill? That possibility was raised on the Assembly floor Aug. 28 by Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, R-Bakersfield, in connection with a bill authored by Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, D-West Covina. Assembly ...

Labor-backed bill may force union on farm workers

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Democratic state legislators passed a bill that could result in thousands of Fresno farm workers paying dues to a union that they may not support and abiding by a labor contract that they might not want. Senate Bill 25, authored by outgoing Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento...

Wins and losses in latest CA gun control battles

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Gun control laws in the state of California have entered into a period of flux. Despite a reputation for exceptionally strict gun measures, the regulatory landscape has become a mixed bag. Advocates of tighter restrictions and advocates of looser ones have won some key battles and lost others --...