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CA GOP Anti-Establishment Revolt
MARCH 17, 2011 BY JOHN SEILER Gov. Jerry Brown and his allies in the media and the Democratic Party are turning the budget battle into a question of patriotism. As reported by columnist George Skelton, Brown has reverted to Cold War rhetoric, branding Republican legislators who refuse to put his $...
Field Poll: Cut Pensions
John Seiler: A new Field Poll shows that Californians back unions -- but want pensions rolled back. As often is the case, the results are contradictory. It's immense union power that, over the past 12 years, spiked pensions to unsustainable levels. There simply is no way state and local government...
Lockyer: Pensions Won't “Crush Govt.”
MARCH 17, 2011 BY WAYNE LUSVARDI Bill Lockyer’s recent harsh criticism of a bluntly honest Little Hoover Commission report, “Pensions for Retirement Security," sounded more like Shakespeare’s King Lear than that of the Treasurer of the State of California.  Lockyer is so mad about the Hoo...
Lawmakers Cut Billions From CA Programs
Budget Forges Ahead; Redevelopment Stalls
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