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Bee: Assembly Committee Assignments Announced
Chron: Supreme Court Leaves Top 2 Primary Alone
Teacher Strike During Depression
John Seiler: California's out-of-control government unions just can't help themselves. The La Habra Education Association struck last week, but is going back on the job as Christmas Vacation approaches. Might as well get paid for not working. The school district is calling for 2% pay cuts. Given t...
UC Davis Stats Falsifier Arrested
DEC. 15, 2010 By K. LLOYD BILLINGSLEY Jennifer Beeman, the former UC Davis official who falsified campus sexual assault statistics, was arrested on Dec. 9 and charged with nine felonies of misusing public funds, embezzlement and false accounting. The arrest followed a year-long investigation. “...
Costigan Goes To CalPERS Board!
Anthony Pignataro: You have no idea how I've been waiting for just this announcement. "The California State Personnel Board (SPB) has chosen Richard Costigan as its representative to the California Public Employee's Retirement System (CalPERS) Board of Administration," states this CalPERS press rel...