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On-Line Retailers Are Tax Targets
JAN. 21, 2011 By KATY GRIMES In a move designed to be a revenue booster for California, an online sales tax bill has been revived again. But many small online affiliate business owners are saying that if the bill is passed into law, they are making plans to move out of the state for good. Assem...
A Redevelopment Hush
Katy Grimes: There's mostly silence coming from Republican legislators on Gov. Brown's budget plan proposal for for eliminating redevelopment agencies. The plan would take $1.7 billion dollars from city redevelopment agencies, and redirect the money to school districts, counties and the state to hel...
Brown Reaffirms Fiscal Emergency
Steven Greenhut: There's a good reason the state declares a state of emergency during mudslides, fires and other natural disasters -- to reduce the number of regulations in place as clean-up efforts proceed, and also to unleash federal funds for the clean up. I'm not sure the purpose of Gov. Jerry B...
CA Business Group Pushes For Higher Taxes
Brown Takes Pitch Directly To City Officials