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Black Woman Enslaved
John Seiler: I thought the 13th Amendment abolished slavery? Not for Kelley Williams-Bolar, who is being enslaved in a prison and with "community service" because she sent her kids to the wrong school in the government's monopoly-school system (itself a form of slavery for children). Even though t...
Sacramento Passes Crash Tax
Katy Grimes: Defying its own push to increase the use of downtown restaurants, entertainment venues, as well as the K Street Mall and the nearly empty downtown shopping mall, the Sacramento City Council has just passed a new "crash tax." In a move meant to penalize visitors to the downtown region w...
Obama's TSA Molestation Joke
John Seiler: Writing here yesterday, I insisted that, in his State of the Union Address, President Obama must order the end of the TSA molestations of air travelers, especially of grandmothers and young girls. Instead, he joked about it! Watch this short YouTube: Did you notice California's Re...
State Controller Seeks More Power and Staff
Assemblyman calls out Schwarzenegger on Núñez