LAT: Brown Wants Coherent Govt
Bee: Brown More Authentic Than Whitman
Chron: Steinberg Wants Early Budget Talks
Which Color, California?
NOV. 3, 2010 by KATY GRIMES If you just look the big offices in last night's election -- governor, attorney general, U.S. Senator, et al -- then it looks like the state of California is just a giant solidly blue state, cut adrift, as it were, from the red tide that washed over the rest of the nati...
Is California Ungovernable?
NOV. 3, 2010 I jokingly referred earlier in the week to Meg Whitman’s campaign as the worst campaign ever. Now I'm not joking. And while I am sure it’s not the worst ever, it was really bad. Running against former California Governor Jerry Brown should have been a slam dunk. Instead Whitman ra...