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Rail: Pork Barrel Land Scam

December 12th, 2010 By admin. DEC. 12, 2010 By RICHARD TRAINOR When the bond initiative to build a peripheral canal fell apart this past June it might also have signaled the end of the line for the $45 billion high-speed train proposal. This is another project pegged for funding by issuing state bonds. What both projects have in common, despite their likely failures in the same years, 1982 and 2010, is the fact...

CA: State Of Secrecy

December 7th, 2010 By admin. DEC. 7, 2010 By TORI RICHARDS While Gov. Jerry Brown breezed into office on a platform of frugality and openness, California’s government has shown a mandate of secrecy that could have no end in sight. In fact, First Amendment experts say that the past decade has been an era of wasteful spending with lawmakers and bureaucrats spending small fortunes to ensure that information doesnâ...

California's New Depression

December 3rd, 2010 By admin. DEC. 3, 2010 By JOHN SEILER As California approaches a new year, with a new governor and other statewide officers, it's worth reviewing what I call "California economic realities." These are the factors which, at all levels, affect the state's economy, from the state treasury and venture capitalists at the top, to the unemployed and destitute at the bottom. New Depression? Today the U....

Fast Rail's Iffy Ridership Claims

December 1st, 2010 By admin. DE C. 1, 2010 By ANTHONY PIGNATARO In one of the many examples of inefficiency surrounding the proposed California High-Speed Rail system, there are currently two active lawsuits, largely consisting of the same parties and many of the same issues, arrayed against the project authority. According to Stuart Flashman, the Oakland attorney who represents the plaintiffs – namely, the citi...
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