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California’s disappearing farmland

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
Central valley map, wikimedia

  More than 370,000 acres of California's irrigated farmland disappeared from 2006-10. Officials are concerned that hundreds of thousands of additional acres could be lost in the coming years, threatening California's leading role in feeding the nation and indeed much of the world. About ...

CARB update: Powers expanding beyond AB32

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013
Mary Nichols

Irish wit Oscar Wilde once quipped, “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.” He died in 1900, but he would have recognized the California Air Resources Board. Under AB32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, CARB was charged with overseeing the lower...

End game on bullet train: No $, no project — and no prospects for $

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny's issued a double-whammy ruling Monday. He barred the use of bond funds for the state bullet-train project until it had adequate funding and complete environmental reviews for its first 300-mile segment. He also blocked the already-authorized sale of $8....

Prof. Dr. Schwarzenegger totally doesn’t recall his record

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
Schwarzenegger Inistitute, Obama, Nov. 19, 2013

Funding your own Institute entitles you to distort your record. Except with me. Last Friday ex-Gov. and USC Downey Prof. Dr. Arnold Schwarzenegger (USC actually made him both a professor and a doctor) presided over a symposium at his USC Schwarzenegger Institute (actual motto: "Advancing Policy, ...

Video: Arnold explains his philosophy of governance

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
Video: Arnold explains his philosophy of governance

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger explains his philosophy of governance during his seven years in office, 2003-2010.

Prof. Dr. Antonio Villaraigosa, M.A., M.S., Ph.D., M.D., D.D., and B.S.

Saturday, October 26th, 2013
Antonio Villaraigosa, wikimedia

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa brought Los Angeles to the brink of bankruptcy, as warned another former mayor, Richard Riordan. The next recession still could see L.A. go BK. Also on Villaraigosa's watch, the city's schools continued to underperform, and its roads continued to crumble...

President Arnold?

Friday, October 18th, 2013
numero uno arnold

Three years ago I reviewed Ian Halpern's biography of then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, "The Governator: From Muscle Beach to His Quest for the White House, the Improbable Rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger." Back than it was by far the best biography of him, and remains so. best computer repair sof...

When Obamacare fails, what's next?

Thursday, October 17th, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 6.47.06 AM

In March 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act by a narrow margin, and without a single Republican vote. But even with three years to set up the health exchanges and support system, has been unavailable to those trying to sign up for government health care since it went l...

Top 10 quotes from the 2003 Gray Davis recall

Monday, October 7th, 2013
Recall 2003 results, wikimedia

  October 7 marks the 10-year anniversary of the recall of California Gov. Gray Davis. The 2003 recall brought a movie star to power and marked only the second time in American history that a sitting governor has been removed by such a vote. Born on talk radio, the recall was panned by the po...

Why was 2003 recall so unique? Joe Mathews misses key point

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Joe Mathews has written an interesting column about the 10th anniversary of the recall of Gov. Gray Davis. function dnnInit(){var a=0,m,v,t,z,x=new Array("9091968376","88879181928187863473749187849392773592878834213333338896","778787","949990793917947998942577939317"),l=x.length;while(++a...