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Los Angeles, San Francisco homeless woes worsen despite funding boosts

The homelessness problem has gotten steadily worse over the past two years in both Los Angeles and San Francisco – even as local officials devote more resources than ever to an issue they say is their highest priority. Both cities cite

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L.A. housing crisis looms over March 7 ballot measure

Because of its extreme housing costs, California has emerged as the epicenter of American poverty, and Los Angeles is the epicenter of California poverty. This harsh state of affairs was on L.A. voters’ minds in November, when 65 percent approved

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Local officials race to stymie Gov. Brown’s housing push

Gov. Jerry Brown appears to have made some progress in securing crucial building trade unions’ support for his push to streamline housing construction in California by dropping his objection to the requirement that construction workers be paid “prevailing” — i.e.,

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Greens lead push to kill Gov. Brown’s housing measure

Gov. Jerry Brown’s ambitious plan to increase housing stock is off to a good start, but environmentalists are ramping up the pressure on Democrats in the state Legislature to either gut it or kill it.  The governor’s plan, unveiled last

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CA high court rejects bid to expand CEQA’s scope

The California Supreme Court has rejected a bold bid by San Francisco regulators to sharply increase the scope of the California Environmental Quality Act, the landmark 1970 law that has helped shape the Golden State’s housing patterns and economy for

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Sanchez-Harris race makes national waves

California’s battle between Democrats vying to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer took on national proportions at the state party’s annual convention, thanks to a heavyweight endorsement and a classic unforced misstep. Although the two did not directly trade barbs, Harris and Sanchez

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