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Board of Equalization faces heavy criticism for mismanaged funds

Created to make California’s tax system work better, the Board of Equalization has found itself under a cloud of radical criticism, plunging it into a moment of extraordinary crisis.  “At a chaotic budget hearing for an agency that collects a

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Assemblyman wants to crack down on unpermitted, self-driving vehicles

It’s not enough that Uber killed its unpermitted, self-driving-vehicle pilot program in San Francisco just a week after it started; an assemblyman wants to squash any further attempts to test vehicles without a permit as well.  Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San

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Legislature approves bill banning gender-specific bathrooms

In what proponents labeled “the nation’s most inclusive restroom access law,” the California Legislature passed a bill on Monday requiring single-occupancy restrooms in businesses, government buildings and places of public accommodation to be open to all genders. If signed by

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Lawmakers seek to reform community college accreditation process

The state’s college accreditation process, which reviews academic standards at public and private colleges, could soon undergo a review of its own. A bill working its way through the Legislature would open up the accreditation process for California community colleges to ensure greater

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Lawmakers work with industry to improve ride-sharing

State lawmakers have shelved a plan to adopt new regulations on the state’s burgeoning ride-sharing industry in favor of industry-backed measures that make it easier for customers to safely share a ride. Last Thursday, the Assembly Appropriations Committee held in

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Caltrans greenlights bike lane expansion

Bending to legislative prodding from Sacramento, California’s transportation bureaucracy has moved ahead with statewide plans to standardize and expand the Golden State’s bike lanes. Despite persistent criticism from bike-friendly advocacy groups like the Green Lane Project, Caltrans opted against such sweeping measures.

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