Silly Bills

by CalWatchdog Staff | February 22, 2010 7:51 am

Sensitive as I am to the plight of the California legislator during such a difficult economic time, the need to abandon said sensitivity and ask “what are you thinking?” is taking over.

Senator Dean Florez has introduced two new bills, each fluffier than the next. Last week he proposed imposing a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Today Florez will  introduce legislation “to prevent cruelty and abuse toward animals.” What a nice guy.

Senator Mark Leno want to save you from the radiation you undoubtedly receive when using your cell phone. He proposed a bill last week requiring labels on cell phones announcing radiation levels.

Green legislation abounds as well – still. Last week in a committee hearing, Assembly woman Mary Salas chimed in on how weatherizing California homes will provide many needed jobs and decrease our carbon footprints in the state. Coincidentally, the DOE is providing more than $288 million in Recovery Act funding to expand weatherization assistance programs, but California was not one of the states mentioned to receive funds.  I feel another bill coming on…

With the feds giving money away as if they are printing it… ahem… California legislators appear to be cooking up irrelevant schemes to grab what they can. Only the money will go to superfluous programs and create jobs related to government. These may be nice diversions to look busy  at the capitol — relevance however, is another issue.

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