Meg sticker sighted!

by CalWatchdog Staff | February 24, 2010 10:12 am

I just saw the first car bumper sticker of the 2010 election season. It read “Meg 2010”[1] and was pasted on a Lincoln MKX[2] SUV driving north on the 55 freeway in Costa Mesa, probably originating in Newport Beach just to the South. I would have snapped a picture with my cell, but I was driving.

Meg’s handler’s might have told her that she should be just plain “Meg,” like Arnold is “Arnold.” Except he has a long last name and she doesn’t.

California is so big that statewide office candidates spend almost all their money on TV, with little spent on signs, bumper stickers, etc. — the mainstays of campaigns of the past. But the bumper stickers are out there and show something about enthusiasm for a candidate.

For example, early 2008 before the primaries the biggest number of bumper stickers in Republican-dominated Orange County easily was for “Obama 08,” not for Hillary or any of the Republicans. That’s why I always expected he would become the next Supremo.

I’ll let you know when I see stickers for Poizner or Jerry Brown, if I ever do.

-John Seiler

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