Have we got a job for you

by CalWatchdog Staff | June 22, 2010 12:34 pm

Steven Greenhut: The California Redevelopment Association — those friendly central planners who argue that the government should have the right to take virtually anyone’s property and give it to a Costco or other tax-generating corporation — is looking for a communications director for its Sacramento headquarters.

Here is a portion of the ad from journalismjobs.com:

“CRA is looking for a creative person who is highly motivated and unaccepting of the status quo to fill the newly created position of Communications Director for our trade association. The successful candidate must be a self-starter who is able to work without constant supervision, but who is also a team player and has excellent interpersonal skills. The person should be self-confident and resourceful. A good sense of humor is helpful.

“The Communications Director will develop, oversee and manage all aspects of CRA’s communications and media relations programs and activities. This new position will play a key role in communicating CRA’s new Strategic Plan for Redevelopment by improving and expanding internal and external communications with current and new targeted groups including CRA agency and associate members, state legislators and their staffs, local elected officials, non-member political allies, the press and the general public. He or she will manage CRA’s website, develop and implement a social media strategy for CRA, produce a monthly publication for members, and develop sample communication pieces, as well as other duties”

It should read as follows:

CRA is looking for a wordsmith who can zealously defend the indefensible policies advocated by this taxpayer-funded organization. The new communications director must lack a conscience in that he or she must be able to tell the public why it’s really a good thing to use eminent domain to bulldoze a neighborhood and give the land to Costco. The director must have only a fleeting knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and must believe that big government and central planning are the keys to the state’s success. The new director must be good at whining about how the sky is falling because the state is taking back some of its redevelopment funds from local agencies. And the director must enjoy seeing the state’s architectural heritage bulldozed on behalf of government-backed redevelopment.

Interested parties should contact CRA.

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