Lame Jerry ad vs. Meg

by CalWatchdog Staff | July 19, 2010 7:57 pm

By John Seiler:

Jerry needs a new campaign team. I was reading this article[1] on’s great libertarian Web site. The articles there usually have ads with a libertarian or conservative theme, such as against Obama (which it does as I write).

But I was just there a few minutes ago and it had an ad reading something like, “Don’t let Meg Whitman push Bush economics on California.” So, they figured out my computer is in California. So far so good.

But although most readers don’t like Republicans, they don’t like Democrats, either.

Yet what’s really lame is the ad itself. It assumed Californians even care much about Bush anymore. True, his disastrous economic policies dumped the country into the current Depression. But by November, Bush will have been gone almost two years.

And isn’t there a more recent president who continued Bush’s disastrous policies of expensive wars, massive deficits and debts, bailouts of Wall Street by Main Street, and debasing the dollar? Isn’t this more recent president a Democrat? Isn’t he still in office? And aren’t his initials B.O.?

The last thing Jerry Brown’s campaign should do is bring up the presidency. Instead, there’s a much better Republican nearby they can focus on: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. They should be reminding people how, like Meg today, when Arnold took over in 2003 he promised everyone that his business wealth and lack of political involvement would help him avoid the usual pitfalls of evil politicians. Then his inexperience and incompetence — and his being a Republican — brought disaster to the state.

Anyway, I clicked on the ad and this site came up:¬†[2]. It’s not so bad as an attack site.

But I did a Google search of the whole site[3] to find “Schwarzenegger” and found, as of 8:37 pm on July 19, only one reference, in a column they copied[4] by Mark Z. Barabak of the Los Angeles Times’ PolitiCal blog. Yet they didn’t even provide a link to the original[5].

The latest polls show voters look on Arnold at Gray Davis levels of disgust[6]. To not bring up Arnold early and often against Meg, the Brown campaign is proving itself to be just a bunch of amateurs.


"Man of the People" Arnold in his Bentley

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