Gospel According to Stu

by CalWatchdog Staff | September 10, 2010 9:03 am

Anthony Pignataro: This morning I thought things were pretty bad in the region, state — hell, the whole world.

Wildfires are devastating Colorado. Floods have wiped out much of Pakistan. In Washington, President Barack Obama is invoking the “state secrets” privilege¬† in a suspected terrorist torture case as though the Bush Administration had never ended.

Closer to home, a whole neighborhood of San Bruno just exploded last night, killing four and injuring many more. The state budget is more than two months late, and nowhere in sight. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cares so much he’s off on a goodwill tour of Asia.

I was letting all this get me down, until I turned on Capitol Public Radio[1] this morning and heard Stuart Leavenworth’s weekly commentary[2]. Leavenworth, as only he can, told me none of that really matters.

“Here we are, deep into September, and we’ve only had eight days in Sacramento where the thermometer topped 100 degrees,” said the Sacramento Bee Editorial Page[3] Editor. “This week, we saw high temperatures in the seventies. What’s up with that?”

Leavenworth has just a few minutes each week to offer his insight and commentary. If he decided that this week the most important thing to tell his audience was that he didn’t think our summer was sufficiently warm, then I’m clearly worrying about the wrong things.

Thanks Stu!

Posted Sept. 10, 2010

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