Who Cares About Nannies?

by CalWatchdog Staff | October 1, 2010 10:39 am

Steven Greenhut: If only Meg Whitman were an actual human being, rather than a carefully crafted campaign machine surrounded by scores of advisers, she could have indignantly mocked the Jerry Brown/Gloria Allred cheap-shot October surprise regarding Whitman’s illegal nanny. Whitman didn’t do anything wrong, yet the Bee plastered this on the front page for two days and all the usual suspects are pretending that Whitman is a goner. Some Republicans are responding by pointing to similar illegal-immigrant situation with an aide to a Brown spokesman. So what?

“Let me get this straight,” said national political consultant Grant Gillham. “We’re deciding this race on Meg Whitman’s nanny. It’s going to be her or him. I don’t care who cleans her house.”

This obviously is a political game, aided and abetted by establishment media. It’s a story of course, but read how the Bee covered it. Allred is a huckster and a partisan.

Californians often are outraged by illegal immigration, but it’s common to hire people who are already here. I never checked on the immigration status of the immigrant laborers who have done work on my house and yard. We need reasonable immigration laws. Whatever the case, it is indeed idiotic for a state on the brink to allow a cheap political stunt to determine the governor’s race. Look at the problems we are facing.

I personally find Whitman to be an unappealing person and candidate. But who cares? This race is about who can best find a path out of the mire. The Nanny thing is ridiculous.

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