Tyranny Comes to San Diego

by CalWatchdog Staff | November 22, 2010 8:43 pm

[1]John Seiler:

San Diego is the most pleasant large city in the world. I relax every time I go there. Nice folks, great atmosphere and of course incomparable weather.

That’s all ruined now with the TSA molester goons descending on the city as they have everywhere across America[2]:

When a San Diego man opted out of security screening using the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) at Lindbergh Field Friday, he stripped down to his underwear in an attempt to avoid the pat-down procedures.

While Tyner videotaped his refusal to be patted down[3], telling the agent “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested,” Wolanyk decided to give TSA a look at his body down to his Calvin Klein’s.

Through a statement released by his attorney Sunday night, Wolanyk said “TSA needs to see that I’m not carrying any weapons, explosives, or other prohibited substances, I refuse to have images of my naked body viewed by perfect strangers, and having been felt up for the first time by TSA the week prior (I travel frequently) I was not willing to be molested again.”

Wolanyk’s attorney said that TSA requested his client put his clothes on so he could be patted down properly but his client refused to put his clothes back on. He never refused a pat down, according to his attorney.

Wolanyk was arrested for refusing to complete the security process. A woman, identified by Harbor police as Danielle Kelli Hayman,39, of San Diego was detained for recording the incident on a phone.

I’m a veteran. I joined the U.S. Army 33 years ago this month to prevent the Soviets from taking over America. But now here in America we have innocent, law-abiding citizens being treated like inmates in a Soviet gulag.

This has to stop. Abolish the TSA. Restore freedom to America!

Nov. 22, 2010

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