CA GOP Should Divorce Arnold

by CalWatchdog Staff | May 30, 2011 9:43 am

[1]John Seiler:

Ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria, is┬ádivorcing him. California Republicans should do the same.

For years, Arnold courted, then seduced Republicans. He used his superstar movie persona to trick them into trusting them. He cooed in their ears the romantic words, “tax cuts” and “balanced budgets” and “election victories.”

Then he left them battered, bruised and abandoned on the junk heap of history.

Last November, in Arnold’s closing days as governor, for the first time in California history Republicans lost all seven statewide offices.

Thanks to Arnold, the California GOP now is blamed for all of California’s troubles: the record deficits and the record high level of taxes and the record high unemployment levels and such anti-business assaults as AB 32[2].

So, what Republicans should do at their Sept. 16-18 convention[3] in Los Angeles is to formally divorce Arnold. They could get a clergyman — maybe the Rev. Lou Sheldon[4] — to formally divorce Arnold from the GOP. Then they could formally burn a “marriage certificate” with names on it of the California Republican Party and Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, and issue a formal “Divorce Decree.”

Put it up on YouTube.

Then, mail a copy of the Divorce Decree to every voter in California.

May 30, 2011




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