Political Predator Should Resign

by CalWatchdog Staff | June 7, 2011 10:55 am

Katy Grimes: It’s difficult to ignore the strange and creepy saga of Democratic Rep. Anthony Wiener from New York – particularly since increasingly, elected officials seem to behave as though they are above the laws they make.

Stories of Congressman Wiener sending Twitter and text messages of himself in his skivvies to young women are bizarre enough. But when he denied taking the pictures and claimed indignantly that he was hacked, and did not file a police report, I knew he must be guilty of something.

Last evening as he shed tears, on demand as needed in front of the television cameras, but said he would not be stepping down, it became appallingly apparent that Wiener is one of the growing number of politicians who are narcissistic enough to believe they are immune from societal laws, as well as rules of common decency.

Whether is was the toe-tapping Larry Craig in a men’s bathroom, or $90,000 in cash stuffed in the back of Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson’s freezer, despicable, depraved, self-centered, narcissistic elected officials need to be sent a message that Americans will not tolerate the lying, cheating or depraved behavior. Unfortunately, Democrats seem to view such behavior as a badge of honor in their politicians.

California is no better. We just learned that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger managed somehow to keep news of his love-child out of the media for eight years while in office. But people must have known of his secret – it’s what political operatives are paid to uncover against political opponents. I suspect (pure speculation on my part) this information may have been used to garner political favors.

Depravity always is used against the person with the secret… and, does anyone in politics really have secrets, or only those with a complicit media backing them?

Wiener[1] is no different. While the media is having a field day with the Wiener jokes, few are talking about the high security level of information this creep had access to as a Congressman. Wiener sits on the powerful House Committee on Energy and Commerce[2].

And how about Wiener’s voting record[3], which should speak for him. His issue record[4] does as well, as he has refused to tell the public where he stands on many important issues including budget and spending, crime, education, guns, international policies, social  and even environmental and energy issues.

The guy is a weenie.

While he is uncomfortable sharing his political views on issues in public, he certainly appears not to be shy about sharing his personal attributes – or what he thinks they are.

Besides taking up valuable space, Wiener has shown that he is a shallow, weak, narcissistic power seeker. When interviewed he is arrogant and attacks the interviewer. Whenever challenged on issues, he uses the time-honored liberal tactic of accusing his opponent of obfuscating.

The guy has got to go. He’s nothing more than a predator, and in his world, in addition to young women, taxpayers in America are his victims.

JUNE 7, 2011

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