Bring Back Real Cars!

by CalWatchdog Staff | January 21, 2012 2:22 pm

[1]John Seiler:

In the government’s obsessive project to treat us all like prison inmates, it has destroyed the great cars America once produced. Except for pollution controls — which were done stupidly anyway — all government controls on cars amount to tyranny.

If I want to drive in a dangerous car, what business is it of theirs?

It’s especially idiotic because the government lets people ride on motorcycles. Even with a helmet, bike riders are completely unprotected in an accident. By contrast, even someone in an old 1960s rust-bucket, before many modern safety devices were imposed, is far better protected.

Then there’s the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards that the oppressor Obama raised to 35 mpg[2]. Hey, if I want to buy a huge gas-guzzling dinosaur V-8 and pour gas into it at 8 mpg, that’s my business.

The whole “oil shortage” is a lot of slick government hucksterism. There never was an “energy crisis” in the 1970s. What happened was that the crook Nixon took us off the gold standard in 197[3]1. The unconstitutional inflationists at the Federal Reserve Board then debased the dollar, driving up the price of everything, including gas.


I remember when I first got my license in 1971 when I was 16 the price of a gallon of gas in Detroit was 31 cents. The price of gold, before Tricky Dick’s thievery, was $35 an ounce.

Today, the gold price is $1,658 an ounce[4]. So, that’s 47 times as much as in 1971.

However, gas today now is $3.53[5] a gallon. That’s only 11 times as much as the 31 cents of 1971.

If gas had risen along with the price of gold, it would cost $17 a gallon. But capitalism has actually improved production and refining methods, so the real price has dropped to a fraction of what it was.

There is no gas crisis. There is no oil crisis. There is only a government crisis.

Enviro-extremists like Obama, Al Gore, Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown are intent on controlling, and ruining, our lives. They want to shove us out of our cars and into mass transit and high-rises.

We need to resist. Except for exhaust regulations — which affect the air everybody breathes — all auto regulations should be abolished.

Then we’ll get great cars again like this 1967 Shelby GT500E Super Snake Eleanor. Listen to that engine roar when she peels out!


Jan. 21, 2012


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