Big Savings With Part-Time Leg.

by CalWatchdog Staff | January 23, 2012 11:10 am

Katy Grimes: Limiting the Legislature to only 95 days each year and $18,000 per year salaries would save the state tens of millions of dollars per year, according to a new report [1]by the state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office[2].


Currently the full-time Legislature costs the state $256 million annually for “legislative expenses.” Most legislators are paid $95,291 per year. They receive reimbursement for travel costs, “per diem” payments for additional living expenses while in session, and “other expenses” incurred while carrying out legislative business.

If voters approve a part-time Legislature, salaries would be reduced to $1,500 per month totaling only $18,000 per year. And with a limitation of only 95 days each year in session, travel and per diem costs would be dramatically reduced.

The LAO estimates that just the salary reductions would save the state $9.2 million annually, and the other cost savings would run into “tens of millions of dollars” annually.

However, the wild card is the “future actions” of the Governor, the Legislature, the Treasurer and Controller, according to the LAO. The summary of the report[4] is unclear:

The measure would have the following fiscal effect:

In this Legislature, with this Governor, “future actions” could mean anything, despite the will of the voters.

I say throw caution to the wind and go for it – what have we voters got to lose except 2,300 annual bills that only impose more taxes and regulations, growing public pensions and government, government waste, unemployment, global warming regulations, nanny laws, business-killing laws, and fewer civil liberties and rights? The only thing we have to fear… is more of our expanding state government.

JAN. 23, 2012

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