Feds Own Almost Half of Calif.

by CalWatchdog Staff | February 3, 2012 11:14 am

John Seiler:

According to the Declaration if Independence[1], America consists of “Free and Independent States”; 13 originally, 50 today.

Except that the centralized tyranny in Washington, D.C. owns 45.3 percent of the land in California. That’s better than the 84.5 percent in Utah or the 69.1 percent of Alaska.

But it’s much worse than the mere 1.6 percent of Alabama or the 0.4 percent of Connecticut.

The Feds should sell off all that property and use the proceeds to pay down the $15,338,276,445,417.43 national debt[2]. But they won’t. They love enslaving us.

Here’s the chart of the whole country:


Feb. 3, 2012

Hat tip to LewRockwell.com[4].

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